Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lap quilt

I finished this lap quilt before I left for AZ last week. Thanks to GlenEllen for the already cut raggy blocks she gave me last week I could whip this up and send it off to Kristin at Waco Mission. When this quilt is washed the cut edges will fray and soften up nicely. Perfect size to cuddle up with in a chair. I will send it to Waco and Kristin can give it away to someone who needs a little 'cuddle'.
I really liked sewing this up with the already cut edges, it was fast and with my bum thumb having the edges done already was a treat. I really think a raggy die for the Sizzix might be a fun thing to have.


I'm in Az for the week. My mom has lived here for a year and is ready to move a few things home to NE so I flew down to help her. Today we are going sightseeing around Bisbee. I will snap a few pic's with her camera and share them later. I'm not sure I like really hot weather(115 in Phoenix) and 108 in Tucson where we checked out the flea market last night. I did watch a really cool lighting and rain storm on the way here, spotty rain thru the mountains. Ok off we go...