Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This is what I make my kids do for fun...........ok I think it's fun but they don't!!! Brad didn't want to pose for my camera so I took Sara's pic alone. They were good help thru the whole process from shucking to bagging. We ended up with 9 quart bags and two gallon bags of corn on the cob. We shucked a bunch but half was to big to freeze so we fed it to the pigs, they were thrilled! I love home froze corn! I also made a batch of salsa the same night, I love the stuff uncooked, it will keep quite awhile in the fridge and the rest I freeze. I bought more lids and rings today, looks like my CCD(compulsive canning disorder) is kicking in...........


Ok is this post worthy? I changed buttons on my white shirt today. I LOVE these old pink buttons and since I was fixing a hole in the shirt I decided to jazz it up a bit with a shot of color, I was picking out purple buttons till I saw 9 of these tied together in the mix and thought to myself 'why not?' I love pink and now I think it will be cute with pink jewelry and one of my many pink purses. The blue/green shirt had a small hole in it also so I took the time to fix it.
Just two more shirts ready to wear to work!


This top pic is the unfinished project from 14 years ago I mentioned in an earlier post. I made myself finish the stitching on the last 10-12 blocks today. I have 35 blocks but nothing to set it together with so it's on hold to finish till I work and find something I like to sash it with. I'm thinking dark/medium purple and yellow for cornerstones or maybe a light lavender. I remember now why I didn't finish this...............boring!!!!
This pic is the baby mat I made for a gift, it's flannel and puffy and will be great for throwing on the floor or in a changing table. I missed the baby shower last Saturday due to family being here and leaving for Omaha with my mom.

Shop samples

Just a few things I did for work in the last month. I know this pic is terrible but I still wanted to show the baby quilt sample I made up quick. I used 2 charm packs of Moda Basically Baby and added a border, the pattern can be found on Moda Bakeshop website. Please excuse the duct tape in the right corner of the pic, our window got a huge crack and this is the landlords fix. Needless to say we don't have a great display in this window because who wants to take a chance on anything getting ruined if the window should happen to break or fall in.
This bag is a Whistlepig Creek pattern, it's awesome! I can't wait till I can take this one home and use it! (I love the cell phone pocket on the front!)

This bag is a pattern from Moda Bakeshop website, I liked it so much I made 3 more bags(pic below) this bag is made with batik squares cut for something else at the shop so I made up kits for this bag, the 3 below are made with Moda Charm tins from different fabric lines.

I think its time to do some unfinished projects in my studio, I'm having a hard time motivating myself to clean and organize it so as I find things I'm going to finish them. The other night I finished quilting Maxine's quilt, made two baby quilt tops and worked on butterfly blocks I found that I started about 14 years ago. (I know it's been that long because Brad was a baby...ugh!)
I took mom to the airport Sunday morning, she is now a Florida resident!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Bibs

These are what I made at work last week. The pirate fabric just came in and the hat fabric came a few weeks ago. I looked and looked for a bib pattern at the shop but I ended up making my own when I couldn't find one I liked. My pattern making skills are lacking.....so I have it all written up just not typed and drawn yet. I had baby boy on the brain because my friend Luanne just had a new grandson. Hopefully I remember to go to the shower tomorrow for them.

Didn't get anything to important done this last week, I did pick up my mom and get new tires before I went. I did take Anita to get her car. I worked Thursday instead of today so Kristin took herself to college, I will see her Sunday or Monday at school after I take my mom back to the airport on Sunday morning. She will be in Florida for awhile taking care of her aunt Sis and husband Al.
Tonight I am going to pick corn and tomato's, I was reading Simple Green Co-op this morning on the blogs.....I found out my disorder has a name. CCD Compulsive Canning Disorder (hehehehe) oh well maybe winter will cure it.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's gonna be a long week...

School started today for Josh, Brad and Sara. I love the first day of school because I USUALLY have the house to myself.....not this year.........Kristin is still hanging around, she don't go back until thursday. I have a load of corn to deliver to town, quilt frames to pick up an hour away and I want to make it to the Quilt Guild meeting in Norfolk tonight. Not sure if that will all happen today but it's my plan. I also need new tires on my Durango so I can travel safely to Omaha tomorrow to pick up my mom. Hopefully my tires are at the shop in town and he can change them today sometime. I am also taking my SIL Anita to Omaha with me so she can pick up some of her stuff and her car, it looks like she will be staying and living with my in-laws for awhile.
I made pickles and salsa Saturday with Sara, sent all the pickles home with Mike and Lisa, they were Bread and Butter pickles and nobody at my house will eat them. I have sauerkraut to can up this week also, it's finally ready. Brian ate some on his braut last night and said it was good! I also grilled my first time ever sweetcorn, it was good, I think I will do that again when Kevin fires up the grill. I also made squash,onion, carrot, pepper, and celery medley and put it on the grill. We ate well last night and it was mostly free from friends and family taking pity on me and giving me stuff since all my garden grew this year was pork!

I have a heartstring quilt in the frame our Orchard group made a few months ago, Maxine got it put together, I just have to finish quilting it. I have 3 quilts that need binding but no one applied for the binding fairy job so I guess I'm gonna have to just do it. Ok off to start my busy week......

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heart Quilt

The Orchard Quilters made this quilt for a gal who was shot during a robbery in the hospital parking lot of where her husband was dying of cancer. Very nice lady and it's a shame some of the things she has had to endure the last few years. I know this quilt is gonna cheer her up and let her know people are still praying for her.
We all make a block or two depending on who has time, the person who thought of giving the quilt usually sets it together and I usually quilt it. I always hope we never make another heart quilt but it don't work that way because bad things or sickness is always happening.......

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This quilt is gone...sold to Linda P. from my quilt group. She needed a wedding gift and this fit the bill perfectly. I didn't make any money on the sale, enough to buy more fabric but what more do I need? I am happy with the way it turned out for such an easy project and the colors are very pleasing. I try to have a few quilts around for such things as this, this time I actually had something already made that someone liked.
I took my mom to the airport Tuesday, we had a nice day together and hit a few quilt shops before she left, I did a little shopping then headed home. Stupid me forgot about setting up quilt frames for Knox Co. fair so I had to get home so I set them up Wednesday......took the kids and we shopped in Yankton a bit before heading home. I have to say it goes so nice when I have help to set the darn things up, those 3 kids are getting good at it. (Brad, Sara and their friend Kaylee)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Josh helped me take a few pic's today of some finished quilts.
Here is two table runners I did last fall, I finally quilted them and the Binding Fairy worked on them last weekend. I will give them as gifts this year.

This is my Christmas Hanky quilt. Mom gave me the fabric a few years ago and I got it done this summer. My sewing skills were a little off on this one, everything I did was wrong and the seams don't match real good but after ripping a few times I gave up and just finished it. (I started wrong by trimming the blocks to small...) Just another to add to my Christmas Quilt Collection.

The Lighthouse quilt will go to charity, I think a nursing home will get this and a few more we have done with this fabric with our Orchard Quilters Group. This make 4 finished lap quilts.

And last but not least this is 1 of 3 pre-print baby quilts I quilted for quick gifts and charity when the need arises. I am working on a baby quilt stash and these make the best gifts.
We had Orchard Quilters group tonight and Lori from SD came and sewed with us, she's a lot of fun to be around and she sews fast too! (Thanks for the help Lori!!!) We got 32 string blocks done in dark colors, I will be setting them together within the next month and getting it quilted. I brought them home because Mom is heading to Seattle for her Uncle's 75th B-day. (Happy Birthday Uncle Jack!) Then she will be on her way to Florida for the winter, gonna be a great place to spend all the COLD months this year. Soooooooooooo if anyone out there is interested in the Binding Fairy job please apply here.........................................

Friday, August 7, 2009


This is a scary site to come upon on the way to work, no one got hurt! I always tell my kids to stop at the stop sign at the tracks, this is why. The van actually side swiped the train and it drug the van into the ditch, you can see the car tracks as it tried to swerve to avoid the train. The train driver was slowing down because he could see the van coming down the road but due to the tree's and bushes next to the tracks the train was not visible to the van. The only good thing they said about it all was it was a rental!

4th donation

This is the 4th time Sara has donated her hair to Locks of Love. She donated two years ago and grew 17 inches out this time around. I am sure there is some child out there with the prettiest blond streaked wig!


Well it's really early Friday here, I took a late nap due to a headache so now I'm still awake. Not to much going on around here this week. Josh had friends over last night, him and Kristin have Bible School every night this week and I had to save them after he ran his car out of gas. Kristin, Sara and I made a quick trip to Souix City for Bee supplies and a bit of shopping. The girls were seriously impressed with Heart and Hands Dry Goods quilt shop there. I admit it was a really good quilt shop! We now have more sock monkey fabric (Sara) and Kristin found hunky man fabric to make her friend Brandi more presents out of. I got two FQ's and Kristin got 4. I also bought them some school clothes off the clearance racks at Old Navy.
I spent some time in my studio also, made a few hot pads, a purse or two and sorted a few things out that I got from my mom.
I work all weekend so who knows how much sewing I will do the next two days.........I can't find my charger for my camera so another post with no pic's.......

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Me, the girls and mom spent the morning at the Farmer's Market. I took honey, purses and hot pads. Mom had peppers and dill. Anita sent summer squash and hot peppers. I enjoyed the weather except my feet were wet from the dew and cold in my sandals! Kristin and I did a little crochet while we sat there and visited with people also. Not a lot of sales but next week will be better I'm sure once people think about it and expect us there. I work next week but Kristin said she will go down for me and sell.
I'm going down to moms to help clean the garage, a lot of stuff to go thru and get rid of. I also have to get Sara, she has been there for 2 days. I got 2 bags made at work yesterday but my camera is dead so no pic's yet..........work tonight and tomorrow.......