Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Trease kids! Sara, Brad, Kristin and Josh.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 It's the longest night of the year, winter solstice. It was also my uncles b'day. I should of been born on this day but stubbornness on my part delayed my arrival by two more days. Forty three years ago there was a terrible storm,  my Grandma took my mom to the hospital, almost didn't get there though, couldn't get up the huge hill in the car with all the snow. When they arrived the nurses came out thinking my Grandma was the one needing help, guess my mom had to go to the doors herself to get someone to let them in. I always thought this was funny, my mom didn't look pregnant and she was tough too. I always watch the weather on this day, waiting for another blizzard, today was 40 and overcast with a slight wind. No storm tonight.
Thought I'd show what I work on when nothing is going on at work. This is an ongoing scrappy project. Very simple so I can have no stress sewing and interruptions don't hurt. I am down to borders on this now, not sure if I'll add them though, can't seem to find anything I like. Right now the quilt is 80X110 so really it don't need borders.........if it had a home I would know what color the borders should be but right now it's homeless, just add it to my UFO pile.

oh the fun we have......

The girls helped me string garland and lights on the deck rails tonight. They also decorated something that was left on the deck for over a week. I got a new one a week ago but someone keeps ignoring me when I tell him to get it off the deck (Brad).  Oh well, who we got to impress, hillbilly is in the genes. (yes those white spots are snow, I'm a mean Mom and I made them help me in the dark and snowy night)

Little Christmas Cheer

 I like decorating and creating for Christmas. The first wreath is one I made for Al. I clean his house once a week or so when time allows. He forbid a tree when I asked him if he had one or wanted one so I compromised and made him a wreath. The lights and all the ornaments are his, I just supplied the wreath, bows and the girly pink cow ornament on the left.(he raises Holstein heifers) 
 This sweet Barbie wreath is MINE!!! I used to have them on a tree that sat in my bedroom but with my new furniture there just is not room for a tree so I downsized a bit and put them on a wreath. I am donating the leftovers to the second hand store, I don't really need 40 Barbie toys..........
This little tree sits on the kitchen bar, it blinks alot! I put pokie lights on it and mostly red and white ornaments. We used to have pokie lights when I was little so when I found them at the thrift store I had to have them. Mom says the pokie star points kept me and the dog from messing with them on the tree.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sara, Mom and I made a few makeup bags last night for gifts. They had them cut out and zippers in before I got there so all I had to help with was the sewing sides and corners. I stole this pic from my Mom's blog  if anyone wants to see more that we've done. I love making things like this and it was even better with help.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December already?

I think I am in shock, it's already the middle of December! The weather is starting to act like it too.......cold and dreary. I am in the middle of a big mess with Christmas decorations (planned to many like usual) and finishing up a few quilts for other people this week too. I am starting to get overwhelmed so it's time to take a deep breath and start making lists...maybe I will feel better when I check things off.
This is a Holt Co. museum quilt. Oh I've already forgot the details, guess if you want to know more visit the museum!

Friday, November 25, 2011


So yesterday I forced the kids outside for a few pic's. I think they really enjoyed the shoot. Now to just pick one and write up a letter, print, address and send............oh my!


I made a quick table runner last week for myself, I usually make gifts this time of year but this fabric has cats on it and I collect cat Christmas fabric. I also have an end table I like to cover in the living room and this was perfect. I even put it out before Thanksgiving and no one complained about Christmas before Thanksgiving. I put away all the Turkey Day things this afternoon, it was sad but it's time to move on and get ready for the biggest mess of the year............whoooohoooo...........anyone else feeling overwhelmed yet?

State quilt

 Quilter's Candy Shoppe hosted a trunk show last week to kick off their anniversary sale. The Holt Co. Museum showed off their quilt collection. This is a state flower quilt made by a ladies aid group and was raffled off. I should remember more details but I don't..........sorry. I did take pic's of Neb. and Iowa blocks.

I thought maybe I should post something quilty here since this is supposibley a quilty blog...........

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Mom

We love Halloween around here, especially dressing up so no one knows who we are. Kelsey invited us out for a party and told everyone to dress up. Well no one knew it was her except for one guy there, not even her own grand kids! She gave everyone hugs before she left..............Kelsey didn't have a clue who the alien was at his party!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Party time

 Sammie is ready for the party.......
 Who knew zombies eat witches...........and tattoo'd girls kill zombies.........
 Zombies like pirate puppies too........
 zombie boy..........didn't even change costumes..........he's a computer zombie.
Koda is enjoying the party too, just taking a break from all the fun.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Whats going on

Not much going on..........hahahaha! We're all so busy around here I don't know which way to go first, Harvest, work, drama practice in the mornings for Sara, fall break, Brad and the flu...........ugh! It's not going to slow down either for a week or so..........guess it's just that time of year, oh to be an ant when it's much more fun to be the grasshopper.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


We've been adopted. He showed up a week ago happy and healthy but we have no idea where he came from. I put flyer's up in town but no calls. Well we named him Buddy and I guess he's staying.....well as long as he wants anyway because he's a runner. If he stays around he's getting fixed..............and someone needs to build a doghouse!

Monday, October 3, 2011

8 yr old kind of fun

My little brother Kelsey never grew up. He loves his toys and loves to share them with other little boys. Andrew was in heaven with this little bike, he rolled off of it 3 or 4 times and just got up and brushed off the dirt and wanted to do it again. It was great fun watching the kids try to ride the bike, Andrew was the best because his legs are shorter and didn't drag after he learned to put his feet on the pegs. That's one thing about living on a farm, toys are wonderful!

New garage

 This is the top floor of my new garage/studio space. My view will be over the house to the east and tree tops to the west. The guys have since added the walls and steel roof (minus the end because of wind issues this week.)
 Brad just loves it when I have a camera......
This is the view from the north side, 3 car plus is a big garage and lovely big studio space upstairs! Not sure when I will be moving into it, harvest has started then the snow flies......

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old/new quilt

 I bought this quilt at a garage sale awhile back. I almost hate to say how much I paid for it in fear of quilters who will stop giving gifts to babies because the quilt just gets sold at a sale. Well $.50  later and it was mine......sorry Grandma's, not all of babies things are kept. Well anyway I love it and I'm in the process of taking the ties out, cutting off the binding and putting new borders on it.
 As you can see the work is really nice on the blocks and I like the yellow sashing so it's staying.
Here's a few of my border options, not to happy with any of them............I did pick another fabric but didn't cut it yet so not sure of what I'll decide. Seems like when I start and stop a project I always change it when I go back and look at it again. I will also recycle the back and batting into another baby quilt so the only thing wasted is the binding, oh wait it goes into the fire starter box for this winter. I think it was worth $.50 and some time. (oh and border, back and batting for the new quilt)

few things going on

 Just a few things going on in the last month. I don't carry my camera much right now for some reason so when I finally got around to downloading pic's I forgot what I had on the camera. The top pic is two hats and a scarf I made for my niece for Christmas. I didn't know what size hat to make for a 5yr. old so I made two.......
The Orchard Quilters made table runners at our last meeting. This is Jane showing off her finished top. The meeting was fun and everyone there got their top put together, just a few people missing so they will have to play catch up when they get their kits. I think in October my Mom has a project planned and she's having the meeting at her new place..........tour anyone?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

starting gifts

 This afghan has been my take along project for a few months now, in the car,at the bar, and in my chair. The yarn is partly Grandma Allen's, partly Aunt Sis's and some I got from a yard sale. Being a take along project I misplaced a few squares here and there, found a blue one behind my yarn box, a lavender one is in my studio, and I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin found some in his truck. Sara don't like it so it won't be her gift this Christmas. I'm sure a niece will love it.......or a SIL.......
 Sammy had to get in on the action after the first pic was taken, he wouldn't move, sooooo here he is. He thinks all blankets are his, alot of the time he sits on the couch or end of my chair under whatever I'm working on.
Good thing my nieces like purple! I have a blue and brown started and a pink one, and fringe left on a white/cream/tan one too. Wow it's been a yarny summer!

Hats Hats Hats and More Hats

The beginning of August I decided to learn some new things, how to make hats being one of them. Since I made Sara model the first 4 I decided to make Kristin model the second 4 (turned into 5) I think I really like to make hats and I have more planned for charity and for gifts. Kristin is keeping the dark purple for herself and Sara requested the same color different style. This bunch will go to Bridges and Beyond in Ohio. I have the box ready to mail along with these squares and a baby afghan everyone in my house thought was ugly. (I like grey and pink together but nobody else does)  I lost the afghan for awhile in my mess but finding it I am excited to finally mail it off.   I have done alot for others lately, it really feels good to know I am helping others with my craft. I am working on scarves for the special Olympics this winter, I took two big bags of clothing to the Sunset store in Ewing, it's run by the Catholic Church. I made up a box of food for a young man who just got his first job so he would have lunches for the week. I started collecting pop tabs off of cans for the elementary school to donate to the Ronald McDonald house, it's a new project for them, they also collect box tops and soup labels. I gave a quilt away last week..........I have more of them to go. I like having crochet projects while watching TV and it's been so hot lately it seems I watch alot of it to stay inside where it's cool, oh and my sleeping habits are out of whack so it's alot of late nights.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

time flies

Time flies when your having fun......or so the saying goes. Summer vacation is almost over around here, school starts this next week and the kids are getting ready to head out of here soon. Kristin has been busy helping my mom remodel her building, painting and such. Brad and Sara helped roof the house in town. (Mike and Lisa's) Josh is on his way to South Dakota to visit friends today........busy busy busy! I'm trying to keep busy but the umph is just not there, I'm hoping today is more productive in the creative department for me. I have plenty to do, just no ambition. I have been working on an afghan in the evenings while watching TV, made some more hats(pic's coming soon) and worked up a tablerunner (very simple) and wrote instructions yesterday. I think it needs a few more tweaks before I share it though.
Maybe writing my goals for the day will make me get out of this chair and do them.........hahaha!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family home

This is sunset from the mountain outside my aunts house in Arizona. I walked up the road past two houses to stand almost at the top of this ridge. I really enjoyed the trip to help my mom and she's right, it is beautiful there.
Tuesday I went to Omaha to pick up Kristin and Josh from the airport. Kristin is home from a 10 week adventure in Waco Tx working and living at MissionWaco. She worked with kids and youth in the summer program, helped out in the office, worked at the second hand store and the biggest part was the summer theater program. I think she is in love with Waco (ok maybe not the town but the people there) I know she touched many lives with her gifts and especially her gift of laughter!
Josh is home from a two week visit to Spokane Washington. He spent some time with friends and they took good care of him for me. He got to see Seattle and the ocean too. He loved it there.
Now everyone is home for the next two weeks, my quiet house is full of laughter and teasing again.
College starts the 19th, high school starts the 17th, there is a trip to Omaha planned, the zoo is on the schedule. I'm sure a bit of school shopping will happen, and tonight a picnic at my MIL's for Kristin's B-day (happy 21st) . Wow...........where has the summer gone?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Puganese.........Pik a pug.........pug a pik...................oh my!
I have a new friend, his name is Koda and he lives with my mom. She got him from the
border rescue in Bisbee Az. He is 7 months old and pug/pekingese mix. I think he's the cutest thing ever and just love him to death! Mom thinks he's a pain in the rear most of the time..........ok she may be right but what a sweetheart he is. He loves everyone and is good company. He does like to run off so if you see her following a dog in the streets of Orchard don't just catch him!

learning to make hats

My lovely model is wearing the latest in winter assesories, don't she look thrilled.....ok I had to bribe and threaten just a bit to get her to put the ruffly hat on but after I threatened to nix Netflix she was a wonderful hat model. I am learning to crochet hats from Youtube. It's great fun to sit in front of the computer and crochet along with Thresa. The brown one is supposed to be a large men's beanie. I think a bigger hook is in order for the next one. The second one with the white edge is a mistake........don't try to remember the insturctions while watching TV. I put to many ruffles on the third hat.........oh well.........and the last one I did just perfect so it got a flower. I will send these off to Bridge and Beyond in Ohio. I don't mind practice hats if someone can get some use out of them. My model did put in an order for a dark purple beanie......