Saturday, August 13, 2011

time flies

Time flies when your having fun......or so the saying goes. Summer vacation is almost over around here, school starts this next week and the kids are getting ready to head out of here soon. Kristin has been busy helping my mom remodel her building, painting and such. Brad and Sara helped roof the house in town. (Mike and Lisa's) Josh is on his way to South Dakota to visit friends today........busy busy busy! I'm trying to keep busy but the umph is just not there, I'm hoping today is more productive in the creative department for me. I have plenty to do, just no ambition. I have been working on an afghan in the evenings while watching TV, made some more hats(pic's coming soon) and worked up a tablerunner (very simple) and wrote instructions yesterday. I think it needs a few more tweaks before I share it though.
Maybe writing my goals for the day will make me get out of this chair and do them.........hahaha!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family home

This is sunset from the mountain outside my aunts house in Arizona. I walked up the road past two houses to stand almost at the top of this ridge. I really enjoyed the trip to help my mom and she's right, it is beautiful there.
Tuesday I went to Omaha to pick up Kristin and Josh from the airport. Kristin is home from a 10 week adventure in Waco Tx working and living at MissionWaco. She worked with kids and youth in the summer program, helped out in the office, worked at the second hand store and the biggest part was the summer theater program. I think she is in love with Waco (ok maybe not the town but the people there) I know she touched many lives with her gifts and especially her gift of laughter!
Josh is home from a two week visit to Spokane Washington. He spent some time with friends and they took good care of him for me. He got to see Seattle and the ocean too. He loved it there.
Now everyone is home for the next two weeks, my quiet house is full of laughter and teasing again.
College starts the 19th, high school starts the 17th, there is a trip to Omaha planned, the zoo is on the schedule. I'm sure a bit of school shopping will happen, and tonight a picnic at my MIL's for Kristin's B-day (happy 21st) . Wow...........where has the summer gone?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Puganese.........Pik a pug.........pug a pik...................oh my!
I have a new friend, his name is Koda and he lives with my mom. She got him from the
border rescue in Bisbee Az. He is 7 months old and pug/pekingese mix. I think he's the cutest thing ever and just love him to death! Mom thinks he's a pain in the rear most of the time..........ok she may be right but what a sweetheart he is. He loves everyone and is good company. He does like to run off so if you see her following a dog in the streets of Orchard don't just catch him!

learning to make hats

My lovely model is wearing the latest in winter assesories, don't she look thrilled.....ok I had to bribe and threaten just a bit to get her to put the ruffly hat on but after I threatened to nix Netflix she was a wonderful hat model. I am learning to crochet hats from Youtube. It's great fun to sit in front of the computer and crochet along with Thresa. The brown one is supposed to be a large men's beanie. I think a bigger hook is in order for the next one. The second one with the white edge is a mistake........don't try to remember the insturctions while watching TV. I put to many ruffles on the third hat.........oh well.........and the last one I did just perfect so it got a flower. I will send these off to Bridge and Beyond in Ohio. I don't mind practice hats if someone can get some use out of them. My model did put in an order for a dark purple beanie......