Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sadie Goat

Sadie is due any day now, huge as a house, I think twins! I was hoping she would have them before I left for vacation but unless she has them tonight I won't be around to see them born. She has been getting out of this nifty goat fence shown in the picture. Guess that shock don't' bother her anymore. (it sure bothered me when I leaned over it and hit it with my chest!) Sadie came from the zoo so I don't know how old she is but she sure is smart, smart enough to get out of the fence, smart enough to avoid capture and smart enough not to sleep under my brother's truck anymore since he ran her over the other morning. (she's fine just scared of trucks now)
No goats don't eat tin cans but someone thought she would like a beer can on the 4th of July, I didn't get all the trash out of their pen yet this month.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fertilizing corn

I am the official gofer on the farm.....I think maybe 'hired man' is a better title though. Kevin is in the fertilizer truck I just took him out to in the field. He is moving the truck back and forth between the two fields. It's been a long season of fertilizer! I don't mind helping him, usually I stand around a lot and wait because I really don't know how to do much.... the corn is looking good this year!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project Pink #9

I'm slowly quilting Project Pink quilts from Heartstrings Yahoo group. I have to keep on top of them if I'm going to finish them all before October. This one was sent to me as a top and I would like to thank whoever sent it to me. I didn't keep very good records so I have no idea where it came from or who made it. All I know is she is an awesome quilt maker! This quilt goes to the binding fairy tomorrow. (this is one of my favorites of the pink string quilts)

Watermelon Swap

I joined a Watermelon Swap on Sewgoodfriends yahoo group, Jana sent me the coasters (set of 4) and the red case. I already put my hooks in it. I think she read my mind that day and knew I needed a case for hooks. Thanks Jana!!!
I sent Jana back a watermelon bag I made and a panel of Debbie Mumm crow fabric. I read the salvage and it's dated 1995! My mom gave it to me for something awhile back and instead of finding watermelon fabric in a store, (there is none this season) I found some in my stash! I also made two table runner's with the top panel in the picture, I will someday quilt them and show them on here too but not tonight, my studio was sooooooooo hot I couldn't stand it anymore and came in the house.

my week.....

It's been a long week, set up quilt frames for a show in Tilden Monday, went to quilt guild that night, messed around on Tuesday(ok that was a long time ago, don't remember what I did) and Wednesday morning I went to Co. Bluffs to spend some time with my grandma, they put her in the hospital for chest pains. She's ok now but it was scary. The only thing I did fun was color my hair with my aunt and cousin, now I have highlights in my fake red hair! I got home last night and today I head back down to Tilden to pick up the frames from their show. I did get to see my friend's husband's brother's house he is building, he does awesome work and the house is already sold unfinished. As much as I admire those new houses I think I will keep mine, I like my new bedroom and the hot tub addition is wonderful! I am hoping to get some sewing done before we leave to visit Brian on Wednesday, I am looking forward to the vacation/visit and time with my kids.(minus Kristin, she has to work over the weekend and she is heading to Co. Bluffs to hang out with grandma Tuesday).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

just the way things are going....

I guess my blog is getting about as much attention as my quilting is this summer, I have quilted two items in the last 20 days. I know I spent a day in the studio this week but no pic's yet to show my work. I always wait till I have more than one thing on the camera before downloading the pic's so sometimes it's a week or two before I post fun things on here. I spent today working on my bedroom. I want to sort things and find permanent homes for my stuff but I am running out of space and Kev just don't want to give up HIS closet. I thought having my own dresser would solve my over stuffing problem but it's full and I don't want to give up any more of my clothes! (I think I will leave some of them in the laundry room and see if I miss them...one step closer to out the door!) I have gotten two big boxes and a garbage bag ready for donating, and I threw a bunch of shoes out, ok some of them were Kev's but he refuses to sort anything so I had to do it. Tomorrow is my sewing day, I have a customer quilt to do and I am hoping to get a good start on 3 more, they all need binding so if I get the quilting done I will be happy. I did mail out Chinese Coin blocks to Becky on Heartstrings Yahoo Group, a Watermelon Swap on another group and some sewing bee prizes from last weekend. I also joined a fall string block swap and mailed 3 sets. Now if I would of taken pic's........

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I am always surprised to find myself in the middle of July, the last month and a half went by so quick! I just picked Sara up from camp, no more trips to Yankton to shop. I feel like I should have more done right now, gardening,(3 cukes is all so far) sewing, remodeling, canning, ughhhhh! I did take two 13yr. old boys camping overnight at Grove Lake this week, we had a great time. They fished and played in the water, ate hot dogs and smores and I watched them. Ok I did read quite a bit and it was good to be out in the quiet, the firefly's are awesome right now and they are the coolest thing about summer nights. I'm sure we will go camping at least one more time this summer, Sara wants to go and I can do one more night in a tent I guess. I have a few quilts for customers to do this week and a swap to get in the mail so I'm thinking a few hours in the studio will be on my list of things to do.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Quilts for Grandma Wilson

Grandma Wilson has been bugging my mom for baby quilts for the last 6 months, she found out her brother's -daughter's-son-is having twins. Ok does that mean they are really still related to mom and me? We don't think so but we made quilts anyway, when she first asked she wanted some that were for boy or girl because they didn't know what they were having, since then they found out it was a boy and girl. I think the quilts turned out adorable! We made an extra because the stuff was out and we had extra blocks. (the blocks were happy blocks from Stashbuilder's Yahoo Group block exchange) we will keep it around awhile in case we need a baby gift, if nothing comes up it goes to charity. I like to have a few quilts around just in case, babies are always happening.
I think these turned out so cute, I'm pretty sure my grandma will hate them but whats new...they aren't pink and blue....hehehehe!

Mom is finishing the binding this morning and they go in the mail tomorrow, I hope this distant cousin likes them. Oh well as long as they keep some baby warm I'm happy and it was fun to sew with my Mom!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sara Sews

Sara is working on Chinese Coin blocks for Heartstrings. A gal is collecting them thru the 4th of July to make Quilts of Valor. I don't know much about QOV besides a bunch of women on Heartstrings are making them. I do know they go to soldiers who are home from the war. I always try to send blocks when Heartstrings is doing a special project. This will be the second batch we send, I mailed off a bunch before Sara decided she was interested in sewing for the group quilts.

Recycled Tote Bags

I've had this fabric a long time.....seem to remember a pair of maternity pants ......I think I made them for my second pregnancy, he's now 15. His friend came for the weekend and he brought his clothes in a plastic grocery sack, it was shredded by the end of the first night so I made him this bag to carry his clothes. It's a little bigger than normal, kind of like a laundry bag with handles. I thought handles would be easier for him to carry than a drawstring due to his physical limitations. I hope the faded acid wash fake denim was a little more masculine than the next bag I made.
I know this picture sucks but it was full of books and magazines waiting for my friend. I always give my old mag's away and we trade books back and forth so I needed something to put them in and I thought a tote would be good. I found this fabric in my stash....someone must of gave it to me because I would never buy it.....not even when I first started sewing clothes. It reminds me of the blouses I wore in Jr. high!

Project Pink and Heartstrings

Yeah I was kind of busy this weekend, I love string quilts as you can see, I've made so many for my family that I am now doing lots of charity, since I got hooked up with Heartstrings Yahoo Group I quilt for them and donate locally.