Friday, October 24, 2008

Kitty Christmas Quilt

Here's the finished Kitty Christmas Quilt. Ta-da! With a little help from the binding fairy it is home and in the finished pile in the living room. Oh man does it scream cheap 80's fabric!!! I don't care, I like it and it was fun to use up someones leftovers. I have a couple more kitty Christmas fabric's I want to get made up before Christmas but time is running out and I would rather make gifts and do some more charity projects. I think corn picking will start sometime in the next week, it looks like the rain has ended and the sun should shine over the weekend. Brad and Kevin went to pick up the last of the bee's today, with the rain all week it was hard to get up there. They also stopped to activate Josh's phone, yup the 16 yr. old gets a phone. I think if he's going to be driving I would like him to have a phone with him, besides the girls can call him instead of the house phone now....

just because...

This is a just because quilt. I made it just because I could. It's a small baby quilt, the center was handkerchief I found is some stash I had. The squares were from a trade I did a long time ago and the black was out of my stash also. The only thing I bought was the back and the binding. It's a red check type and I just love it. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, I'm sure some baby will come along that needs a quilt.

Not much going on today, I'm hanging out in the house and doing a little house work, Josh has friends over for his B-day. Tonight I work awhile at the bar and tomorrow I go to my new most best job ever.....Quilters Candy Shoppe!!!! I'm still in shock I got a job at my favorite quilt shop! I love it there and I know its going to be great fun!

Heartstrings #10

Heartstrings Project Pink #10 is done. The center strip is a Pink Ribbon batik fabric, really cool, makes a nice soft focal fabric. I am slowly making progress on this project. I love these pink quilts!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

two tote bags.....

Mary from Heartstrings sent me the nicest package of FQ's for a prize this week. I participated in the sewing bee for green string blocks. I decided to make tote bags out of them. Not a great pic but the wind is blowing, it's rainy and getting dark. I am keeping one to carry my yarn projects in and donating one to the FCE Christmas Tree at my Library (lucky Bright Horizons). I am really impressed with Mary and all she does for Heartstrings so if anyone who reads this blog wants to check hers out its and no I don't know how to link this to her page so don't be lazy, you have to type it in yourself! ok try that........maybe I figured it out...........hehehe!

Special Olympic Scarf Project

I got three scarves out of a ball of the delft blue yarn that is the special color for the Special Olympics being held in early 2009. I found on the Internet were they are looking for donations of scarves for all the participants and the officials, felt good to donate to this cause.


I made pillowcases the other day, 8 of them, my mom's quilt group donates them to Bright Horizons Women's Shelter. Today I made two more so there is a total of 10. I think the last two I will donate to the FCE Christmas tree our group does at the library, they are donating items to the shelter this year also. (hey they are going to the same place, just from different organizations.) I love to make pillowcases, they are quick and colorful, my kids love them so I know other kids do too. Can you tell I'm gearing up for my Christmas donating?

Monday, October 20, 2008


I love fall, I love the colors of the tree's and the late blooming flowers. We took a ride to Lynch Ne. yesterday to pick up bee's and the colors were beautiful. (that's the main reason I went, and to call 911 if anyone got stung multiple times) I wish I would of taken my camera along, it's out in the studio where I was taking pic's of things like pillowcases and such.....could of had scenery pic's! I got stung once, right beside my eye, it got under my sunglasses then in my hair, it was quite funny watching me and Kelsey find the bee in my hair! My eye swelled up and it feels like someone punched me today, the swelling is down but it still hurts, it figures the bee hit me in the only part of my body that's not to chubby, if he would of hit fat I would be over it by now. Kevin will go back tonight or tomorrow night and collect the rest of the bee's, if he goes tomorrow I will ride along.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

just another job...

One of the guys brought peaches from Colorado back from his hunting trip, oh man were they good! A little hard to eat going down the road driving but worth the mess, I think there is still peach skin on the step of the tractor where I peeled it off. (naw the rain has washed it away by now) I got to drive the other tractor this fall, this one is an automatic so no stopping and shifting, I got used to it and really like it, hope they don't change their minds again and make me go back to the other one.
I spent the day today with Kev, we went to the grocery store and then up to his mom's for cake, cheesecake and ice cream. It's her B-day this week and my niece from Omaha was up and today was hers. I love cheesecake from the grocery, they have that variety pack and it was yummy! the rain has slowed us down in the field so tomorrow I get the day to myself and I think I will sew up a storm! (that or clean house.......ugh!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

24 blocks

The red and black is Bobbi's block, I turned it around and love it, amazing what happens when ya lay things out by mistake and like them better!this is Lunanne's block, most will be set together similar to this, there is not enough fabric in the accent colors to make blocks like mine, (below) when I picked the pattern I didn't test drive the block to the amount of fabric we put in each baggie, guess I should of been more organized in my plans. I love how everyone has different fabric's and how they look so different!

As you can tell I broke a few rules about light, medium and dark......I think it will be a cool quilt! I love the peachy/pink combo! I am done with 5 blocks after today, only 19 to go!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

end of September

Yes, I know it's the 1st of October but September went by soooo quickly I think I must have missed something important! I'm back in the field, this time it's manure spreading, next week it will be corn. I take Sammy to the vet AGAIN tomorrow, he has a stick stuck up his nose, they are going to knock him out to remove it. I might have to work at the bar tomorrow night after spreading all afternoon and Kev thinks I'm going to help him with beans this weekend. Hmmmmm I wish I didn't have a bunch of tomato's to can and apples and pears.......maybe the pigs would like a snack.....hehehe

I did get two customer quilts done this week, they turned out good and I finished another baby quilt for gifting or charity, not sure yet. Soon as I get pic's taken you can see it finished.