Sunday, May 31, 2009


I saw this hot pad this weekend and knew I could make one, so I did. The top set is my first one's, I goofed up a bit and didn't back the one on the right like I wanted to, the inside fabric is now on the back. I also figured out I can't sew in a circle very well. I like these because there is no binding! The second pic is a set for me. I bought this fabric at Wagner's Quilts and Conversations in Arapahoe. I have always liked yellow, blue and green together and it looks swell in my Blue kitchen. I did learn to be more accurate in my circles are a bit off. I am trying to do more quilting and sewing for myself and I think a new set of hot pads are just fun! I'm sure I will make a few of these for gifts this year.
Kev, Sara and I had a good weekend visiting Dan and Anna. The kids had fun together and I love just hanging out with them. Anna and I took a little trip to Holdrege for grill parts and propane. She took me to Quilter's Delight, I was delighted........she had a panic attack! The shop was just to overwhelming for her so I cut it short and got her out of there! I lovvvvvvvvved everything there and will definitely go back when I'm alone and can take time to check out every nook and corner.
I'm going to work this afternoon at the bar so I better get off of my computer and get pulled together, it's gonna take awhile cause I just ain't feeling fancy this week.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We went to Beresford SD tonight to get more pets. Not a great pic but at 11:30 at night what do you expect? I tried to get a pic of them boiling out the front of the boxes, Kev didn't expect that when he started opening them. He thinks they might have got a little warm on the trip home. They are temporarily housed in my MIL 's back yard, way in the back yard! She probably won't even know they are there. Kelsey and Helena took 4 boxes to their place in Stanton. I think it's cute that they want to have bee's on their little farmlett just outside of town. Tomorrow Kev will check them and Sunday he will move them to permanent homes around the country.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kristin's bag

Kristin joined me in the studio for awhile this afternoon. She found this fabric in my stash, in it's former life it was a house coat for Alice.(ok we don't have a clue who Alice was but her name was on the label of it.) Kristin cut off the buttons and cut it up to make this.....she's not happy with it at all as you can tell by her note to me on the pattern. I didn't look to close to the pattern when I handed it to her and I guess I should of read it thru a bit before she tackled it. The outside looks great but the inside is a mess, she finally gave up and sewed it together just to finish it, it has raw seams on the inside and she don't like it that way. I told her not to worry about it cause she is the only one to see the inside. I will serge the inside for her tomorrow and I think she will be fine with it then. I think its great and if she don't use it I will!

I have no list for this week, I'm leaving for a little vacation on Thursday and I know I won't get nothing done tomorrow but quilt so I'm not even going to stress myself out with a list. (like a little list would be stressful to me...I just blow it off) I am going to take some crochet with me and maybe my cross stitch blocks to work on in the car and that should keep me busy for the weekend. I also get to stop and pick up my sewing machine, yeah!!!

Tuesday afternoon

I love cats and thought this cat print was cute. It's a Loralee design. I thought it would make a cute purse so today while I wandered around the studio I found it waiting for me. All it's missing is a cute pin or button to add to the tab. So I felt inspired after I whipped this up that I started this........
I thought if one purse was fun THREE would be fabulous!!! (they still need a button or pin to cover the sewing of the Velcro on the tab) I am starting gifts.

I also worked on the 9 patch sew along, got bored making black/bright blocks, sewed half square blocks and have a throw size quilt on my design board ready to sew. (also ran out of black fabrics I wanted to use) I got bored with it by then and its still in blocks not sewed into rows yet, not sure about borders either so it's just waiting for me.........having a hard time settling down to one project and finishing it hence the purses. I did do a few rows on the quilt in the frame so another hour in the morning and it should be done. I have one or two to do tomorrow before we leave for the weekend so tomorrow will be a busy day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I finally finished my little purses. The right one was made first, I made a long dish cloth, folded it in half, sewed up the sides and stuffed the lining inside, cuffed the lining over the top and added the straps to each side when I cuffed the lining. Sara picked the button out for it.
The one on the left is mine, I figured out how to single crochet in the round so there are no side seams. I lined it with a sweet pink print and added handles instead of a strap. I am planning to make more of these little purses because they are just cute and I have different ideas of how to line and finish them. I like to make a few of everything to see what is the best way to finish things or if I can improve them in any way. I also think I will make a few for Christmas gifts.


Hey my Mom made me a present, go check it out I'm excited to get it!
I got the netting delivered, ok the girls took it to my SIL, but it's delivered. I also got my string quilt off the frame and delivered to the binding fairy. Spent to much time watching the new baby goat and checking on baby rabbits. Sooooo my list was not followed very well this week. I'm going to start some laundry and head out to the studio so maybe I will return with pics.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Week

Well its the start of a new week for me, I only count days off because I don't get anything done on the weekends I work. Today I took the girls out for a little shopping and some lunch, nice girl time. This afternoon I want to play catch up on a few things.
  1. Finish my string quilt that is in the quilting frame.
  2. Take netting up to my SIL that I got for making scrubbies.
  3. Make my crochet purse.
  4. Catch up on 9 patch sew along blocks.
  5. Get the girls started on making pajama's.
  6. Start customer quilts.

Ok I don't think I want to list the housework or the gardening..............

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Morning

I got a few things on my list done this week, the top pic is a Project Pink Heartstrings. The next pic is a gift for my friends son Willy, I gave his brother a baseball quilt a couple months ago and now its B-day time. Now to find the time to deliver!
The next pic is a scrappy Chinese coins in flannel. It's about 50x50, nice size for a baby/kid. It feels sooooo good I just wanted to cuddle up and nap with it.

The last pic is a pre-print panel that I quilted in one long run, there are 4 of them finished now. No hard quilting, just a stipple to make it easy. There is also 3 different battings in them as I was using up scraps. I like to have gift/charity on hand when they are needed and these pre-prints were so cute and reminded me of 80's baby prints. Guess it was time for a little retro quilting!

Well my list following was fair.....
  1. Dinner 3 out of 4 nights
  2. plants and flower bed done
  3. quilts for me and charity quilted
  4. fell down on laundry yesterday...........ugh!

I did get rabbits moved around and some cleaned cages. Kev got the garden tilled, needs another tilling in a few days. 3 trips to town last night to pick up I'm heading off to work for the next two days, no more lists or housework for me!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a few pic's

Another Project Pink Quilt from Heartstrings, I am getting close to finishing this project and it's gonna be great because I am getting tired of pink strings.......can anyone believe I actually said that? Only 3 or 4 more of these to go....
On the left is a pre-print from my stash, Bradley had to make pillows in school and he used this print, I finally got the throw quilted for him. If he has changed his mind about it I will donate it to charity.

Wensday Schedule

Our newest addition to the family, Maggie May with her little surprise!

Ok the schedule thing is kind of working so I'm gonna run with it..........

  1. 6 loads of laundry done yesterday

  2. Dinner fixed, lasagna

  3. visited in-laws

  4. nap taken (oops!)

My week is getting away from me so I need to step it up a bit......I do have some pic's to share though.

  1. Quilt something, anything, customer quilts, charity, my own, the kids quilts, just quilt it!
  2. At least 3 loads of laundry.
  3. Plan and make dinner.
  4. take Josh to get drivers licence!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

schedule today

Well I made good progress on my list from yesterday, at least I think I did.

  1. 5 loads of laundry, we now have jeans and towels for the next few days.
  2. Dinner last night was beef roast with mashed potato's and gravy, and corn.
  3. Got one quilt for someone else quilted.
  4. AND the big thing was Quilt Group and 35 string blocks made for a charity quilt (or whatever the hostess wants to do with it) I did have just a little help with the blocks, we had 5 machines set up with 3 FAST sewers. I also finished up a set of 15 string blocks with green centers.

Today is more of the same around here......

  1. Laundry!!!
  2. Dishes!!!
  3. Dinner!!!
  4. Quilting!!!
  5. Planting!!! (cause I didn't do it yesterday)

I do want to take a few pic's also of the quilts the binding fairy brought me yesterday, and take a few more of what I get done today. I need to quilt something for her to bind, she is all out of bindings...........

Monday, May 11, 2009

This week

Just thought I would write down my plans for the week.

  1. Laundry (I am swamped with laundry, it's everywhere and starting to take over the house!)
  2. Dinner at home every night. (that means planning ahead cause by dinner time I'm beat)
  3. Finish my room. (I have nothing hanging on the walls yet and new curtains to hang for summer and a quilt to finish too.)
  4. A quilt or two for other people...........
  5. Plant the flowers dug up from Anna's yard.
  6. Get my summer clothes out of storage and fix a few things.

Ok that sounds like a reasonable list considering I have the next four days off, I know I probably won't get half of the stuff done cause I get sidetracked to easy but maybe writing it down will help with motivation. to clean something!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adam's quilt

The quilt has been delivered!!! I am really happy with the way it turned out and I know he will love it! I must thank the binding fairy, she saved me again. Graduation is at 4:00 so Kristin delivered it just in time to make the party tonight. Now to get Brad up there for 8th grade graduation.........

Mothers day presents

I made my mom a tote bag for mother's day and delivered it yesterday, forgot to take a pic of was cute, yellow with a bright quilt block print on the top of it and ricrack trim. This pic is one of three light weight grocery bags I made for my mother in law. I love this print and its really soft and folds up easy for carrying around. I really am on a bag kick this month!!!

Brandy's present

Kristin's friend Brandy is graduating today, they have been best buds since kindergarten and I had the quilt shop in town. Kristin spent a lot of time at Brandy's while I was working or the girls were at the shop together. Kristin picked out this fabric to make pillowcases for her and this morning I got them whipped up. Kristin is playing delivery for me so the least I could do was finish her gift. Kristin assures me Brandy will LOVE these...........ugh!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

9 patch catch up

I'm caught up with the 9 patch sew a long!!! Two strips 2.5x44 will make 6 blocks. I have enough cut for half the blocks, not going to worry till I use up whats cut, who knows.....I might get bored and make a baby quilt instead of full size.

I got Adam's graduation T-shirt quilt off the quilt frame and now on to binding......ugh!

9 patch

I can't help but join the madness of the 9 patch sew a long........ I'm a bit behind so I better get moving and catch up!

I took my two sewing machines to be fixed last week, the fancy smancy Bernina is ready to go but the old trusty Riccar has bit the dust, (yes it's sad and I'm bringing it home for burial) so I'm in the market for another usable machine. I think it's time to hit a few garage sales!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bag week

I'm calling last week Bag Week! Top pic is another color book bag, I made two, one for a Christmas gift and one for my mom to send to her cousin's granddaughter Lilly in AZ. I really like making these and it's a good thing because I have at least 4 more to go before Christmas.
The Schlep Bag is for Sara's B-day in June. She has a sock monkey thing going so when I found the fabric at Pieceful Pastimes in Norfolk I had to buy her some. I have another piece but no idea what I'm going to make her out of it yet.

This bag is out of Quilts and More Spring issue. I changed it just a bit by using only one fabric in the middle, theirs showed two and a big pin cushion on the side of the bag. I LOVE the pink cats!!! I might make myself something to match this bag out of the leftover fabric but no idea's yet.

This bag used up the leftover black/white strip set I had left from my pink cat bag. Same size as the other bag too. I like to have a different bag for each crochet project so now I have a good variety.

I made this little purse out of the Quilts and More Spring Issue. I used the Nebraska Shop Hop fabric. Didn't think we'd sell out of the stuff so quick or I would of used something else, I was trying to promote the magazine and fabric. Gave my mom the other purse I made out of this line of fabric, she has a butterfly pin out of Grandma's stuff that matched perfect to pin to the tab. I will put a button on my purse after I get around to sewing on some Velcro to keep it closed.
I'm now in the process of quilting graduation quilts................

Friday, May 1, 2009


Just returned from the binding fairy, another pink project Heartstrings quilt. The bright colors really make this quilt fun. The gals from the Yahoo group are meeting in Fremont tomorrow, I had planned to go but life gets in the way sometimes and things don't always work out. I know they will have a great time and get lots of sewing done.