Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Morning

I got a few things on my list done this week, the top pic is a Project Pink Heartstrings. The next pic is a gift for my friends son Willy, I gave his brother a baseball quilt a couple months ago and now its B-day time. Now to find the time to deliver!
The next pic is a scrappy Chinese coins in flannel. It's about 50x50, nice size for a baby/kid. It feels sooooo good I just wanted to cuddle up and nap with it.

The last pic is a pre-print panel that I quilted in one long run, there are 4 of them finished now. No hard quilting, just a stipple to make it easy. There is also 3 different battings in them as I was using up scraps. I like to have gift/charity on hand when they are needed and these pre-prints were so cute and reminded me of 80's baby prints. Guess it was time for a little retro quilting!

Well my list following was fair.....
  1. Dinner 3 out of 4 nights
  2. plants and flower bed done
  3. quilts for me and charity quilted
  4. fell down on laundry yesterday...........ugh!

I did get rabbits moved around and some cleaned cages. Kev got the garden tilled, needs another tilling in a few days. 3 trips to town last night to pick up I'm heading off to work for the next two days, no more lists or housework for me!!!


Jeannie Phillips said...

I love love your quilts... I tried once to make a small quilt.... did pretty good but never finished... so I do know the work you put into your beautiful creations...great job.

Mary said...

The pink coins is very cute and I love the first pink string quilt too....are you sick of pink?