Tuesday, September 21, 2010

quick pic

Just thought I would show off my latest at work project. I am having a terrible time taking good pic's at work so please excuse the quality of this. I started the quilt and finished the quilting in one long day, just the binding is left to do when I work again. I think there is plans to make a crib sheet and bumper pad to match. I found a baby bed for display so next week we will have something new at the shop! I know there is also some Autumn things in progress....looking forward to seeing them too. Just work going on around here, long days(sometimes 10 hour shifts) at the motel. I am looking forward to a day off to do some quilting!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall weather

Don't ya just love this weather? I felt so bad for this gal, the rain came before it was expected and boy did it rain!
Josh(left) was part of the Homecoming coronation last week. These 6 boys have been together since kindergarten. They are 5 farm boys and Josh.........I do think they all cleaned up pretty well for the occasion.
I don't have anything to show sewing wise this week, I worked on string blocks and cut some foundations for blocks that I will drop off at my MIL's today for quilt group tonight. (I'm going to work 3-11) I also started my kitty quilt with the fabric I got two weeks ago in Grand Island. It's a simple 4 patch, won't take long to finish if I ever get back to a sewing machine!
I better get moving, hosting a baby shower at work today and I have to stop and get frosting.....can't make it with no milk or butter in the house!

Monday, September 6, 2010

long time no blogging....

I finally finished this quilt............my Grandma Allen did these blocks for me a long time ago. We went to an auction in Verdigree 13 years ago and she bought the blocks, embroidered them and gave them to me. I picked fabric out 2.5 years ago and pieced the center, got sidetracked and never finished the border. I got back to it about 6 months later and quilted it just this year. I finally got the binding on this week........wow........it took me awhile to finish because it was hard to work on it after she died. I am saving this little quilt for my first grandchild. (hopefully it will be a long time before I give it)

My Mom made this little baby quilt when she lived in Florida last year, its strips from a grab bag she ordered online. I love the stripe binding. I also put flannel on the back to make it nice and snuggly. Mom didn't like it much after she got it done but I think it's cute and some baby will love it!
I have had a busy few weeks, took a new job at Super 8 front desk. It's full time and right now mostly evenings 3-11. I really wanted days........I kind of like the job, just not the hours or the pay! I am holding out on judging until I see what kind of insurance is offered and a regular schedule. My children are starting to complain that I'm never home to talk to and Kev hates it when I work evening hours.
Today I made peach preserves and sometime this week I will do jelly, wow it's good! I love this time of year just for the canning and freezing......