Thursday, October 29, 2009


I started a scarf project tonight, 3 down, 12 to go.........think I will take orders at the craft show on Saturday, I've run out of time! The scarves are wool ends I bought at Pennelton Woolen Mills in Bellvue quite awhile ago, another of those grand ideas for presents. I work tomorrow day at the quilt shop, the night at the bar and the show is Saturday morning......ugh! (wish I was packed for it)
Here's my little football supporter's leaving for the game, they had a good time even though the football team lost..........Sara came home running a fever and Brad slept on the bus so he's just now heading to bed. I hope Sara is feeling better tomorrow, my luck she brought home a bug and I'll be the one sick.
  1. 6 baby bibs
  2. 2 baby quilts
  3. 7 handbags

these are the things I finished at work today, I have hot pads almost done for a party in November at the shop(we're making a variety at a sew in) and 5 more handbags to line and sew straps and closures on. I am happiest at work when I can make samples and plan classes.

Ok I'm off to bed, it's gonna be a long weekend so don't look for me till next week.........

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

whats going on

Not much going on here today, it drizzled some and started raining tonight. I felt a little strange all day so spent part of it in bed. Played tag with the kids after school and made two trips to town...ugh! Spent tonight setting up my computer and embroidery machine, had to clean off the table in the family room, my yarn took it over for awhile. Kev told me to finish a few projects, I told him they were for his next wife to finish......he then told me he needs to find a girlfriend to finish a few of them.......I almost jumped for joy! I would love crafty company(don't think he had crafting in mind when he mentioned a girlfriend though) well anyway I think I will start something new just to aggravate him!
I finished Sara's hat and did a little football with the name Cyclones under it on one of my old black T-shirts for her to wear tomorrow, Brad is also going but he bought a $40 sweatshirt so no need to make him anything fancy to wear. I am going to try to snap a pic in the morning of them but who knows if I will remember........mornings are not my best time!
I work at the quilt shop the next two days and help set up for the craft show tomorrow night, I am looking forward to the show, just wish I had more projects finished. Oh well I will take what I have done and hope for the best.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Josh's B-day

I whipped up this cute kid's Christmas quilt this week, loved the bright colors and it's flannel so it's warm and snugly. I will do the binding by machine sometime this week before the craft show on Saturday. I'm just in finish mode now for the show, no starting new things........
This baby quilt feels soooo goooood! It's flannel with blocks of chenille. Love the texture and it's big at 45x60. I am thinking about making one for myself twice this size cause I like it that much. (only in pink) I did a machine binding and have it all done and ready to go.

I made these for a sample at work of a panel we have for sale. I'm planning on bringing them home just before Christmas and surprising the kids with them on Christmas morning. I know it will be a surprise because they all think I'm a dork for having a blog....

Just want to say Happy B-day to Josh, he's collects dice so Sara and I thought he would love these sunglasses, he did! I also got him two new pets, meet EEEKKK and MEEEEKKK. (I named them, he will change the names I'm sure, something to do with names of epic leaders from history)
We finished picking soybeans today, hooray!!!!! I have a load on the truck and some on the wagon, it didn't all fit in the bin. It's supposed to start raining again after midnight so getting them done was such a good feeling. If it don't rain I will deliver to town and spend the day sewing tomorrow, I'm looking forward to having the day to finish a few things up. I did finish Sara's green scarf, a lot of it in the truck waiting to dump beans and she fringed it while watching T.V. tonight. I started a new hat for her to match it but my shoulder is starting to hurt so maybe tomorrow. The football team is going to State Playoffs and she's going to watch, it's a 4-5 hour bus ride away Thursday, Sara wanted something to wear in team colors so I gave her the scarf early. If I remember I will snap a pick of her in them. (felt bad because we missed the deadline to order t-shirts so maybe a scarf will make up for it)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I can't believe it's snowing again and it's not even the end of October. I think it's going to be a long winter! I'd like to say I love snow but the older I get the less I like it, I hear that from a lot of people around here.........I'm not the only one. This was the drive home between my house and Mom's, I should of taken the oil road and saved myself a little 4 wheel drive time. My red truck is half brown with mud and slush. (ok I don't mind a little mess but when it's splashing over the top of the truck it's a bit much)
Just a few place mats I made for work,

Halloween table runner at work.....

Table runner made with McKenna Ryan this!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy weekend

It was a busy weekend for all of us around here. I worked at the quilt shop and the bar both Friday day/night and Saturday day/night then I helped haul beans to town yesterday. Today I am hauling beans again before the rain tonight. I hope the weather forecast is wrong but the way our luck goes it will rain buckets! While I wait for the truck to fill I crochet in the truck or I come home and try to do a little housework. Laundry and dishes seem to keep me busy! I was going to show off a few things I have sewn lately but my purse and camera are in the truck in the field........tomorrow I work at the quilt shop and have class that night, then again Friday and Saturday. It's a busy time of the year!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Second Snow

Can you believe we have had two snows and freezing rain already! I'm not ready for winter......not that winter cares if I'm ready or not. I woke up this morning and had Sammy and an outside cat laying in bed with me, I know winters coming when Fluffy Cat wants inside. The guys have been cutting wood but we've been using it to so I hope the pile gets bigger before the cold really hits hard.
I'm going to visit Kristin today and deliver a truck full of junk for her play. I'm looking forward to watching the practice and the process of the whole thing. Oh and I'm taking her to dinner too.
Sorted stuff in my studio yesterday and quilted a bit, also got Mom's computer shipped to her in Florida, still have two more boxes to go.........

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Snow

We got our first snow on Friday night/Saturday morning. By the time I thought of taking a pic it was already melting. My MIL said this was only the second time in 53 years it had snowed on her B-day.
Kristin came home to find stuff for her play, she is the Prop Master! (me, Josh, Sara and Skylar played Prop Crew for the morning) We found some great stuff for the play that is set in 1937, I am really excited to see it all pulled together in November. I have to deliver the junk Thursday due to my truck needing a new thermostat.....can't send her with the truck overheating.

Brad, Sara and Andrew made fire starters for the wood stoves. Newspaper, dried pods off the locust tree's and dryer lint all held together with a little wax. They worked great as I tried them out this morning! I love to take pic's of them working together, it makes me smile every time they do it without the sarcastic arguing that teenagers are famous for.

Everyone in the house gave me stress for saving the dryer lint.........

whats going on

I helped Kev pick beans last Friday before work. I also quilted a sample quilt for work in between loads. I LOVE these 1930 Aunt Gracie prints! The quilt is 48x52 and it went together really fast. I always wanted to do a tumbler quilt and this was a good starting point, makes me want to do a big quilt next. We have 5 kits ready to go at Quilters Candy Shoppe as soon as I go to work tomorrow or Friday. (Might work tomorrow, don't know yet) Hey did you notice I didn't stipple the quilt, I did wavy lines and then re pinned the quilt and did lines the other way, it was fun and something different for me.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Not much going on today, just a little housecleaning.......ugh! I have a few things to quilt for samples at work, will show them off when finished. Getting stuff ready for the Orchard Craft Show on Oct. 31 guess I'm going to have a table by my SIL 's table. I have lots of hot pads and purses ready, and quite a few baby quilts. I don't usually sell much but it's local and supports the community and my FCE group is hosting it so I will be there anyway.
I have been working on a spiral scarf the past few nights, wow does it take a loooooooooong time, I could of had 4 regular scarves made in the time it's taken to do this one. I am half way done with the last row, you can bet I'm gonna show pic's when it's done! I think I will go back to purses...........instant gratification!
I don't know if I work this weekend at the bar, that will cut down on my sewing time if I back sometime with pic's.........

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last weekend

Last weekend I met my brother Kelsey at my Grandma Allen's house in Co. Bluffs. The house has been sold and everything moved out, we just had to pick up a few things....I have a truck full of sewing stuff, a slate coffee table that Kristin wanted and a sewing desk that will be Sara's as soon as I make room for it in my studio. Kelsey remodeled her bathroom about 2 years ago so I thought I should show off his wonderful carpentry skills. He put in the floor, new high rise toilet, walk in shower and built shelves next to it and in the other corner is a new medicine cabinet and small sink. He did it so she could get her walker into the bathroom and still close the door. (yes my Grandma loved bright colors and butterflies.
I love this house and will miss it a lot, it was strange seeing it empty after very little changing my whole life. I will miss this dining room and all the stuff the china hutch held, I did bring home a lot of the mismatched glassware so Sara and I are going to do tablescapes and enjoy the heck out of the stuff! I also found her favorite pine cone tablecloth so as soon as my round table gets home I am going to do a setting with Kristin's dishes(she got the glazed brown set Grandma rarely used. ) My Grandma was very giving and anything I ever wanted she already gave me before she died. I will miss having a home away from home with her the most.

Sara and I had a great time with Kristin Saturday. She took us to see the children's play The Junglebook. She was on the light crew. I am impressed with college plays!!! She is the new Prop Master for the play coming up in November so we are gathering props for a 1930's rural poverty stricken set. She is going to shop at my house first and the farm second. Hopefully she can find stuff around here and keep the cost down for the school. I think we can find most of it except a wood stove and a stuffed rabbit that they can butcher every night........
We did a little shopping and Sara and I stayed in Sioux City at a motel, I was worn out and in no shape to drive so we crashed early, Sara was up before 7a.m. so she could swim in the pool and I got a little more rest.

This is the pile of quilts I delivered to Jay in Fremont. He has a project to take quilts to a nursing home for homeless veterans in Western Nebraska. I think that's an awesome thing to do and I'm glad I could help. I'm hoping to do a few more but the way things go around here it might be awhile.
I am on my way out to the studio now, things I brought home from this weekend got shoved in willy nilly due to them getting wet from the rain when I got home so Kev and Mile came out and helped get it out of the truck. I appreciated the help after such a long and stressful day. Sooooo off to sort and shuffle............................