Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last weekend

Last weekend I met my brother Kelsey at my Grandma Allen's house in Co. Bluffs. The house has been sold and everything moved out, we just had to pick up a few things....I have a truck full of sewing stuff, a slate coffee table that Kristin wanted and a sewing desk that will be Sara's as soon as I make room for it in my studio. Kelsey remodeled her bathroom about 2 years ago so I thought I should show off his wonderful carpentry skills. He put in the floor, new high rise toilet, walk in shower and built shelves next to it and in the other corner is a new medicine cabinet and small sink. He did it so she could get her walker into the bathroom and still close the door. (yes my Grandma loved bright colors and butterflies.
I love this house and will miss it a lot, it was strange seeing it empty after very little changing my whole life. I will miss this dining room and all the stuff the china hutch held, I did bring home a lot of the mismatched glassware so Sara and I are going to do tablescapes and enjoy the heck out of the stuff! I also found her favorite pine cone tablecloth so as soon as my round table gets home I am going to do a setting with Kristin's dishes(she got the glazed brown set Grandma rarely used. ) My Grandma was very giving and anything I ever wanted she already gave me before she died. I will miss having a home away from home with her the most.

Sara and I had a great time with Kristin Saturday. She took us to see the children's play The Junglebook. She was on the light crew. I am impressed with college plays!!! She is the new Prop Master for the play coming up in November so we are gathering props for a 1930's rural poverty stricken set. She is going to shop at my house first and the farm second. Hopefully she can find stuff around here and keep the cost down for the school. I think we can find most of it except a wood stove and a stuffed rabbit that they can butcher every night........
We did a little shopping and Sara and I stayed in Sioux City at a motel, I was worn out and in no shape to drive so we crashed early, Sara was up before 7a.m. so she could swim in the pool and I got a little more rest.

This is the pile of quilts I delivered to Jay in Fremont. He has a project to take quilts to a nursing home for homeless veterans in Western Nebraska. I think that's an awesome thing to do and I'm glad I could help. I'm hoping to do a few more but the way things go around here it might be awhile.
I am on my way out to the studio now, things I brought home from this weekend got shoved in willy nilly due to them getting wet from the rain when I got home so Kev and Mile came out and helped get it out of the truck. I appreciated the help after such a long and stressful day. Sooooo off to sort and shuffle............................

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