Saturday, February 20, 2016

Valentines Day

 Take a look at my Valentine's day present from Kevin. Well before anyone says he's not a romantic let me tell you I got breakfast at McDonalds, a trip to Bomgaar's and he let me pick out my own presents! Yes I wanted an anvil, no I'm not crazy. (ok maybe a little crazy) I'm ready to do more with my beading and jewelry so I needed bigger and better tools. Oh I even got icecream on the way home, it was a great day!
 I love to string beads! I bought a box of beads from the Goodwill a few years ago and I have been slowly using things out of it. The long necklaces are the same beads in two different colors. I did add a few extra to the red/gold set to make it longer. The pink necklace has a chain on the end that I took off of something else because I didn't have enough beads to make it long. I custom make my necklaces to the length I like so I don't usually add extenders to them. I like my designs to go all the way around my neck so they look good from the back too.

The first three bracelets are the same beads, just set three different ways. I like working with natural stones and glass, these are shell. The last bracelet is bright pink, I just like that color and wore it last week with a shirt to match. Since I work everyday in an office I am learning business casual and I wear at least one piece of jewelry everyday. Usually something I've made. I'm not sure why I have to wear business casual cause two days last week I wore baby slobber and snot. Oh I love kids with colds!

Christmas gifts

 I got a few gifts made this last year, my nephew's in their hats and scarves.
My niece Amy is modeling her little niece's new "Elisa" hat. Rylee wasn't around for the gift opening so Amy was a good sport and let me snap a pic of the hat on her head.

 Blogging has taken a back seat to life this winter. I've done so much and taken so few pic's..........well I'll share the few that I do have and try to be better in the future.