Thursday, September 1, 2011

starting gifts

 This afghan has been my take along project for a few months now, in the car,at the bar, and in my chair. The yarn is partly Grandma Allen's, partly Aunt Sis's and some I got from a yard sale. Being a take along project I misplaced a few squares here and there, found a blue one behind my yarn box, a lavender one is in my studio, and I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin found some in his truck. Sara don't like it so it won't be her gift this Christmas. I'm sure a niece will love it.......or a SIL.......
 Sammy had to get in on the action after the first pic was taken, he wouldn't move, sooooo here he is. He thinks all blankets are his, alot of the time he sits on the couch or end of my chair under whatever I'm working on.
Good thing my nieces like purple! I have a blue and brown started and a pink one, and fringe left on a white/cream/tan one too. Wow it's been a yarny summer!

Hats Hats Hats and More Hats

The beginning of August I decided to learn some new things, how to make hats being one of them. Since I made Sara model the first 4 I decided to make Kristin model the second 4 (turned into 5) I think I really like to make hats and I have more planned for charity and for gifts. Kristin is keeping the dark purple for herself and Sara requested the same color different style. This bunch will go to Bridges and Beyond in Ohio. I have the box ready to mail along with these squares and a baby afghan everyone in my house thought was ugly. (I like grey and pink together but nobody else does)  I lost the afghan for awhile in my mess but finding it I am excited to finally mail it off.   I have done alot for others lately, it really feels good to know I am helping others with my craft. I am working on scarves for the special Olympics this winter, I took two big bags of clothing to the Sunset store in Ewing, it's run by the Catholic Church. I made up a box of food for a young man who just got his first job so he would have lunches for the week. I started collecting pop tabs off of cans for the elementary school to donate to the Ronald McDonald house, it's a new project for them, they also collect box tops and soup labels. I gave a quilt away last week..........I have more of them to go. I like having crochet projects while watching TV and it's been so hot lately it seems I watch alot of it to stay inside where it's cool, oh and my sleeping habits are out of whack so it's alot of late nights.