Thursday, September 1, 2011

starting gifts

 This afghan has been my take along project for a few months now, in the car,at the bar, and in my chair. The yarn is partly Grandma Allen's, partly Aunt Sis's and some I got from a yard sale. Being a take along project I misplaced a few squares here and there, found a blue one behind my yarn box, a lavender one is in my studio, and I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin found some in his truck. Sara don't like it so it won't be her gift this Christmas. I'm sure a niece will love it.......or a SIL.......
 Sammy had to get in on the action after the first pic was taken, he wouldn't move, sooooo here he is. He thinks all blankets are his, alot of the time he sits on the couch or end of my chair under whatever I'm working on.
Good thing my nieces like purple! I have a blue and brown started and a pink one, and fringe left on a white/cream/tan one too. Wow it's been a yarny summer!

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