Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post Prom Gifts

Just a pic of the cute post prom gifts The Quilters Candy Shoppe is donating to the local schools. I LOVE the girl set of pillowcases!!!
  Summer is almost here, seems like yesterday we were complaining about the dark days of winter......well more daylight to get stuff done!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Whats keeping me busy

This is what I will be doing this week. I took this pic of my truck from the grain bin. (ok I only climbed the steps half way up, I'm chicken to go higher) I load the truck, drive to town 5 miles, weigh, drive 10 miles to the feed yard, unload, drive home 9 miles, repeat. I kind of like going to the feed yard, they have the cutest cats there and usually kittens to play with. I usually raise the box on the truck so it will dump steady then I go to the building in search of cats............

Busy season

I'm a little shocked that it's been since early March since my last post. I have no excuse for being MIA.
Guess I just didn't have anything important to say or the energy to say it.
  I did get this quilt finished in time for graduation. I like putting together puzzle piece t-shirt quilts. I have a few more to do over the summer and I have help so it should all go smooth.