Sunday, June 29, 2008

End of June

June has been a busy month around here, I added 4 calf's and 6 goats to the farm, not to mention the rabbits having babies! I worked a few shifts at the gas station being 'pizza girl' and I have been quilting up a storm this last weekend. I am taking pic's but the camera is in the studio so they will have to wait. The storms and flooding in Iowa have been on our minds for charity quilts and I am trying to get Project Pink done by October. Mom has a couple to bind and today I am taking Sara there and I will give her more quilts to bind. I think I'm going to have to break down and machine bind some of them as I think 8 quilts is to much to ask my mom to hand bind. Sara started working on Chinese Coins for QOV. A gal is making the quilts on Heartstrings, all we have to do is send the Coins, Sara is getting better all the time at sewing, I am so impressed with her! We are having a party on the 4th so I guess I will spend the week getting ready for that, I'm looking forward to it really, a nice casual party will do me good!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sara's quilt

Sara is starting to really sew, she picked out the fabric at Quilter's Candy Shop and drew out the pattern she wanted to make, I am really happy with the results of her first try at making up a quilt without a pattern. I quilted it and mom bound it, Sara showed it off at Norfolk Quilt Guild Monday night.

Kevin's quilt

I finally finished Kevin's quilt, Christmas, Valentine's Day and our anniversary has passed, so I guess I will give it to him for his B-day in July. The blocks were a Happy block swap on Stashbuilder's Yahoo group, and I liked the black and white thing so much I made lots more! (I also made baby quilts for my stepsister's twins for Christmas out of the blocks with colored borders) I ran out of pink while binding so it has black and pink binding. I made king size to fit our bed, now the only way I can get away with making my husband a pink quilt is the back......
What guy wouldn't love to have all these girls keeping him warm at night?

Summer cooking

I love early summer, asparagus is my husbands favorite veggie, and the kids love it too. Thanks Mom for the bag, Brad is excited for dinner! I have enough for dinner and I put 3 small bags in the freezer. I made applesauce two weeks ago and I'm thinking about rhubarb jam but finding the rhubarb is another story!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beautiful day

Today is beautiful! I'm so happy to have a nice weekend finally, not that I'm outside doing anything but I do have the option. Kevin asked me what I was going to do today.....I don't know. I think I will go start laundry, do dishes and feed rabbits..... then nothing. Well not really, I will sew or clean or weed the garden. My tiger quilt is ready for borders and my quilting machine should be running so I'm sure I will fill this beautiful day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Really love my local quilt shop!

Mom and I spent the morning at the Quilter's Candy Shoppe.....I love that place! I picked up a book called 9 Patch Pizazz on my last trip and today I had to go buy more fabric to make some of the projects in the book. I cut up my tiger fabric last night and had it up on the design board before I quit for the night, the gal who wrote the book was right, you can make a wall hang in one day! So today I bought fabric to match ocean/fish and some to match the old Hoffman challenge fabric I had from my quilt shop days. It's blue and green with orange iris and looks watercolorish. I also bought frog fabric to make a baby quilt with the leftover blocks from the green and purple block exchange on Stash builder's Yahoo sight. I am really excited to finish the tiger quilt, I have the center together and the borders are on the design board, guess my break is over and I better get back to it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Love my local quilt shop!

I spent an hour today at my local quilt shop, The Quilter's Candy Shoppe. I love that place! Even with the shop girls at shows this weekend there is still so much going on in there. I bought green and purple to match my blocks I won on Stashbuilder's yahoo group, the Block Lottery. I need one more block to make 12 (mom if you read this will you make me one more?) I also bought peach and yellows to make a baby quilt, I have had my eye on this peachy/pink plaid in the sale room for 6 months, today was the day to give in and buy it. I found a floral and a stripe, the green was already in my stash from a project done and long gone. My new Quilts and More magazine had a simple baby quilt pattern so that's the plan for the fabric. I don't usually follow patterns but with my lack of skills lately with making things turn out as planned I decided to try a simple pattern and some pretty fabric's. I can never have to many baby quilts around, someone is always having another baby! I also picked up a book, can't remember the name but it is 9 patch's with big prints, kind of blending the patches into the fabric for a fractured look. I am gonna try it with the wild life prints I have. I did sew yesterday, got a set of pillow cases done for Kristin, the pillows made for Jana, table runner quilted, and Sara finished her quilt top. She wants to give it away now............

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June already?

I think I'm in shock, it's June already! I'm hauling corn to the feedlot today, waiting on my little friend to come play(her mommy is having a baby so A. needs a place to play today). Thought my other friend E. was coming to my house but he never showed up, his mommy took him with her today I just found out. Kevin and Brad are changing gear boxes on the irrigation systems, and it's going to rain again! I started cleaning my studio this last weekend, now it's such a mess I can't sew in there, I did throw away two boxes of junk so I feel better but I have so many UFO's it's scary, guess I better get busy and finish a few things up, lol maybe after I plant my garden in the mud......