Friday, October 28, 2011

Party time

 Sammie is ready for the party.......
 Who knew zombies eat witches...........and tattoo'd girls kill zombies.........
 Zombies like pirate puppies too........
 zombie boy..........didn't even change costumes..........he's a computer zombie.
Koda is enjoying the party too, just taking a break from all the fun.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Whats going on

Not much going on..........hahahaha! We're all so busy around here I don't know which way to go first, Harvest, work, drama practice in the mornings for Sara, fall break, Brad and the flu...........ugh! It's not going to slow down either for a week or so..........guess it's just that time of year, oh to be an ant when it's much more fun to be the grasshopper.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


We've been adopted. He showed up a week ago happy and healthy but we have no idea where he came from. I put flyer's up in town but no calls. Well we named him Buddy and I guess he's staying.....well as long as he wants anyway because he's a runner. If he stays around he's getting fixed..............and someone needs to build a doghouse!

Monday, October 3, 2011

8 yr old kind of fun

My little brother Kelsey never grew up. He loves his toys and loves to share them with other little boys. Andrew was in heaven with this little bike, he rolled off of it 3 or 4 times and just got up and brushed off the dirt and wanted to do it again. It was great fun watching the kids try to ride the bike, Andrew was the best because his legs are shorter and didn't drag after he learned to put his feet on the pegs. That's one thing about living on a farm, toys are wonderful!

New garage

 This is the top floor of my new garage/studio space. My view will be over the house to the east and tree tops to the west. The guys have since added the walls and steel roof (minus the end because of wind issues this week.)
 Brad just loves it when I have a camera......
This is the view from the north side, 3 car plus is a big garage and lovely big studio space upstairs! Not sure when I will be moving into it, harvest has started then the snow flies......

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old/new quilt

 I bought this quilt at a garage sale awhile back. I almost hate to say how much I paid for it in fear of quilters who will stop giving gifts to babies because the quilt just gets sold at a sale. Well $.50  later and it was mine......sorry Grandma's, not all of babies things are kept. Well anyway I love it and I'm in the process of taking the ties out, cutting off the binding and putting new borders on it.
 As you can see the work is really nice on the blocks and I like the yellow sashing so it's staying.
Here's a few of my border options, not to happy with any of them............I did pick another fabric but didn't cut it yet so not sure of what I'll decide. Seems like when I start and stop a project I always change it when I go back and look at it again. I will also recycle the back and batting into another baby quilt so the only thing wasted is the binding, oh wait it goes into the fire starter box for this winter. I think it was worth $.50 and some time. (oh and border, back and batting for the new quilt)

few things going on

 Just a few things going on in the last month. I don't carry my camera much right now for some reason so when I finally got around to downloading pic's I forgot what I had on the camera. The top pic is two hats and a scarf I made for my niece for Christmas. I didn't know what size hat to make for a 5yr. old so I made two.......
The Orchard Quilters made table runners at our last meeting. This is Jane showing off her finished top. The meeting was fun and everyone there got their top put together, just a few people missing so they will have to play catch up when they get their kits. I think in October my Mom has a project planned and she's having the meeting at her new place..........tour anyone?