Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mid week

This is Heidi and her baby Charity. They are fainter goats. Charity will be on the small side I think, she is so much smaller than the 4 other goats running around here and she is about the same age. I catch her and carry her around, she is getting friendly. Heidi is super friendly, almost a pest.
This is what I did at work today. Kaleidoscope by Dear Debbie Designs. Resa and Julie picked out the fabric's and I whipped it up today. I also got the 5 kits together and ready to sell. It's a 8 hour project for the quilt top assembly if you don't obsess about placement of color. (chop & sew-chop & sew)

The Orchard Quilters put together this quilt for a family in town that lost their house to a fire.
Luanne did a great job of putting it together, she is delivering it tonight. Jane, Maxine and Linda made blocks and I quilted it.

This is a Heartstrings QAYG that Jay gave us last Saturday for the same family. I love it! I am really glad they sent this with us, now the whole family can be covered in quilts!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sew in

Tonight we go to the in-laws for cake, it's a birthday ritual. It's Mike's turn and I made these for a present. Just what every guy would want....pickled eggs!!! (the brown specks are dill seeds, not dirt)
The Heartstrings sew in was wonderful, it's so nice to sew with a bunch of like minded people. Linda and I got 40 QAYG blocks made and we each got a third of a quilt put together.

Here's the whole group, the quilt in front is a Chinese coin from a past project. By the end of the day I do believe she had it almost finished.

Here's Mary with a finished top, I love her new method of setting, if you look closely you can see that the sashing is a basket weave pattern. Her and the girls figured out an easier way to make the joints less bulky.
We really enjoyed the day in Fremont, the library was great and the company was too! Now to get my homework done.............

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sew in

I'm heading to Fremont today with Linda, we're going to our first Heartstrings sew-in! I don't care for the 6 a.m. start time this morning......
Josh and his team did very well at the speech meet in Kearney. They took 6th in class D-2. I'm so very proud of them all! They are a great group of kids! Jordan (Jordo as they all call him,) took 2nd in his individual speech and Ashley took 1st!!!! It's been an amazing two days, what an experience!
Ok I'm off to sew the day away, I'll come back eventually with pic's.........

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pat's

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we made a few things to celebrate. While I was quilting last night Sara brought out the knitting loom and made this lucky hat. This is #7 we've made together and I think she's enjoying the process. (I wonder if she's wearing it all day in school and what her hair looks like under it?) We also made lucky charm necklace's. She made one and I made three. I wanted a little more bling than she did I guess and she ran out of time before having to get ready for bed. Sara and I have a lot of fun crafting together, can't wait till she starts finishing UFO's like Kristin does.
The quilting machine is back to normal finally, I was pretty frustrated yesterday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

rip out time

I finally got back to the studio today, only to find I'm not able to quilt the quilt in the frame. Between the backing and the thread I can't keep the thread from breaking. Backing was a sheet and thread was to I got mad and took it off the frame. Now I have a whole row of quilting to rip out. I put in the next quilt and it was a little better but the batting pulled thru to the back on the whole thing....yes I changed was the backing again! So I put in the next quilt and it was a bit better, the thread is still breaking more than I like but by the end of the quilt I think I got the bugs worked out. (last quilt was one of mine, I don't like to experiment on someone else's quilt) Maybe if I leave it awhile when I go back things will work better, maybe it was cold or my bad mood transferred to the machine. I'm hoping to quilt another tonight, I have deadlines!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

goat cart

Went to see my brother Kelsey yesterday while my truck was in the shop in Norfolk. I told ya he was going to build a goat cart! Lucky and Oreo are 8 weeks old now so it was time to start training them. They are soooooooooooo cute! The wood part is not permanent, he will change it to metal when they are bigger and he knows what size to build.
Mollie didn't stay in the cart when they started moving but it made for a cute pic!

I did get a chance to run into Hobby Lobby for sewing machine oil and I picked up this new toy for Sara and I. I broke her last one at Christmas before she got to use it even. The yellow hat was the first, not crazy about the brim, and the second hat Sara is modeling, it looks better. I had to have Kev and Brian read the directions and demonstrate it this morning, just couldn't figure it out on my own. (Kev wanted to put a motor on it, such a guy!) Well I'm on my way to work, so I will play with our new toy more tonight!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Let me introduce Pepper, she came to live with us yesterday. Kelsey and Helena brought her up from Stanton where she spent the night with them after the Madison sale. So far she is fitting in well here, not thrilled to be part of the heard most of the time but they are nice to her when she does hang out with them. I was in the kitchen awhile ago and heard a loud noise, (goat noise) went to my bedroom to look out the door and she's standing there in my room looking at me! I shoo her out and shut the door, two minutes later she's standing in the kitchen talking to me!! That goat can open my bedroom door!!! I shooed her out again and locked it, then I stood there while she tried it again! I have to admit I'm impressed with her.....
I am going to show this quilt off finally, it's not quilted yet. I have no electricity in my studio so no quilting till Kev gets around to fixing the problem. The Orchard Quilters made it for Linda Puls, she fell on the ice awhile back and hit her head. Her recovery has been good and we're all looking forward to seeing her tonight.
Oh and hey whoever did the rain dance around better run and hide....I'm looking for you..........

Monday, March 8, 2010

More goats

These two sweet babies were adopted by Kelsey and Helena yesterday at the Madison Auction. The top pic is Snow White and the bottom pic is Cracker. I don't know what kind of goat they are but my guess is Pygmy. They are over a week old but other than that I don't know much about them. They are learning what a bottle is though, the hard way!
They will be trained to pull a cart and maybe carry a pack. Helena fell in love so they will be pets first, work goats second.

I got Luanne's second quilt done, I love it! (so does her family, I think there's gonna be a fight over it)
I have a lot to catch up quilting wise but no ambition......I am so ready for spring!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sewing Day

I took a pic of Luanne's quilt I just finished, love the bright colors. I always feel better quilting a bright quilt this time of the year, helps chase the blues away....

I sent a box off to Columbus Ohio today for the Bridge Project. They collect hats and scarves for the homeless living under the bridges and also for the free clinic. I made two of the brown hats last night while sitting in my chair with the dogs.
I went to town to mail the scarves/hats and dropped off Luanne's quilt, spent an hour there discussing quilts, hope I left her with a few ideas. Kelsey was here making baseboard and trim for his house, sent him home with some honey. Now I'm heading back to the studio....more quilting!

Sewing day

I got a lot of quilting done yesterday before my headache took over and I went back to bed. I'm in the process of fixing a comforter for a little girl. Binding is all that's left now to do. I also got a baby quilt done and half of the Rail Fence quilt done for the shop sample. I am headed out to finish it and quilt something for Roseanne, she gave me another quilt this week. I am starting to get wedding and graduation quilts in too. I work tomorrow afternoon and Saturday so I want to have some binding to do while I'm there. I am so behind on my quilting it is scary!!!
I'm going to head out to the shop as soon as I change laundry and pick up around here a little, housework is never ending!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

where have I been?

Kev loves gadgets, his newest toy is a Food Saver. (he also got a meat slicer the same day) After the boys got done sealing everything in sight food wise I got the bright idea to seal hats! I'm going to mail these off for charity and I thought it would save space to seal them. There is 5 hats and a scarf in this bag. I have a few more things to get ready to mail but Kev told me to quit using his expensive bags to mail things so I'm not sure if I will seal anymore hats..........guess a Ziploc bag will do the same thing. Oh but it was fun to tease him about sealing things!
Finished this Rail Fence quilt yesterday, well the top anyway. It's a sample for work, I had enough fabric to make up two kits. I wanted something soft and sweet, a little bit of Spring! I did learn my lesson on not using two different sewing machines while sewing one quilt, wow, what a difference! I did bring this one home to quilt this week.

Hey Mom! Do you recognize these blocks? Another UFO ready to quilt.

My kids are living with Helena and Kelsey now, they are going to train them to be cart goats. I gave them the option of selling them this next week at the auction but they are attached and won't give them back. Lucky and Oreo are going to be spoiled kids! (hey don't she look great in her new hat and scarf?) Kelsey took one of the ugly hats, he didn't care what color it was, he said as long as it kept his bald head warm it didn't matter what color it was. Gotta love little brothers, he knew the right thing to say to keep me motivated to make more hats!
Today is Brad's birthday, he's 15. Enough said.