Monday, March 8, 2010

More goats

These two sweet babies were adopted by Kelsey and Helena yesterday at the Madison Auction. The top pic is Snow White and the bottom pic is Cracker. I don't know what kind of goat they are but my guess is Pygmy. They are over a week old but other than that I don't know much about them. They are learning what a bottle is though, the hard way!
They will be trained to pull a cart and maybe carry a pack. Helena fell in love so they will be pets first, work goats second.

I got Luanne's second quilt done, I love it! (so does her family, I think there's gonna be a fight over it)
I have a lot to catch up quilting wise but no ambition......I am so ready for spring!


nanaofnc said...

Aw, sweet goats. Gorgeous quilt! Doing very well for "no ambition".

Lori said...

love the colors and pattern on that quilt. And yes, I think we are ALL ready for spring!