Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sara loves sock monkeys. I have one my Great Grandma Newkirk made me when I was little and Kelsey has one too. I have asked around for someone to make Sara one for her B-day but no luck or so I thought. While helping my Grandma Allen look for some yarn I came across this monkey in her craft stuff. It is the original pattern monkey that my Great Grandma used. Grandma Allen was more than happy to give it to Sara and Sara is thrilled with it. She made us stop at ToysRus and buy the monkey clothes(guess it's a girl monkey) and she named her Pattern.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Raggy's

These are two of the three Baby Raggy's that Kristin and I made. Sara helped cut the seams to make them fringe. Kristin has already given one away, her school friend Amanda is expecting a baby boy any moment! These two I will keep in the baby quilt pile for the next expectant friend.
I have been quilting up a storm this week but no pic's of my progress yet, the binding fairy is picking them up today. I have all my summer clothes to go thru and a bunch of stuff out of Josh's room to launder and sort..........tomorrow I work and saturday is the big wedding, ugh!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I delivered Sara to camp on monday. She is the only trip I have to make there this year. Josh went last week but he drove himself, it's nice that he drives but it's sad I didn't get to tuck him in like I usually do. Sara took her stuffed monkey Corey and the afgan she got out of my Grandma's things. My Great Grandma McGlade made this 40 years ago or so. She loves it and has used it the last three months. Sara loves camp and I know she's having a great time but it's gonna be hard not having her here on her B-day tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Samples at work

I did samples for work this week. The floral is new sale fabric and I think it screams summer! The pattern is The Metropolitan by Indigo Junction. I like the size of the bag and I really liked the handles after I covered belting for the second bag. (this might end up as a workshop)
This bag is made with Laurel Burch fabric collection called Secret Jungle. I know they have a line of purses with her designs but I'm to cheap to buy one so I made one instead. I also didn't want to carry one like everyone else........I love the bright colors. I used the most expensive fabric in the store (Secret Jungle) and the cheapest (floral) for my samples. I think it's fun to make things alike but so totally different in style.

Charity and Heartstrings

Bradley made pillows in Home Ec this last year out of these panels. I told him I would make him a quilt to match. He seems to have lost interest in the quilt so I will probably give it away.
The binding fairy finished this last week also, I am just slow about showing it off I guess. I think I have 6 more pink quilts to do for Heartstrings then they are done!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

B-day Tablecloth

I bought this little quilt top in Holdrege at Quilter's Delight. The fabric was the Shop Hop's 10th anniversary. I kind of like to finish other peoples projects so this topper was perfect for me. We are keeping it because it matches our other B-day quilty things (banner and table runner) and it's perfect colors for either boy or girl and around here we have both. I like the idea of having set B-day decorations and it's easier than going out and buying paper everything. I think I'm going to pick up a bit more of this fabric at work and do a few hot pads and cover a can or two to use as decorations or vases. I also thought about candle holders or line a basket to hold napkins. Sara's B-day is next week so it will be fun getting it all done before her party.

Auction Quilt

Luanne's son Mike from Texas asked his mom for a quilt to be auctioned to benefit the American Heart Association. Our quilt group likes to do heart quilts for people and he thought one of them would be perfect so the girls made blocks, Luanne set it together and I quilted it. I love the way it turned out, not a great pic but it was dark and in Luanne's dining room. It's amazing that when someone asks for red and black hearts on white blocks that they all look so good together from 6 or 7 different ladies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Made a few more blocks for Heartstrings this week. These are the red center variation. I am going to pop these in the mail for Sue to add to the pile of blocks. I needed a change from pink and these were just the thing to get me back into the string block groove. I also like to do these because they are instant gratification. I don't have to finish them and I like the feeling of mailing them off and not having to feel guilty for not completing the whole project.


I made a few more binky's this week and Sara helped me cut the raggy edges. She had her ipod on and giggled the whole time she worked on these. I have no idea what was so funny on the ipod and as long as she was entertained while trimming I really don't care. I'm very lucky she likes to help with my little projects. Now all I have to do is send them thru the wash and dryer, then mail them off.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

my week

Not sure where the week has gone........wow! I worked today and yesterday, going back tomorrow also. I machine quilted a couple quilts and made Kristin a B-day present. I enjoyed sewing at quilt group Monday night and the luncheon was yummy! I will return someday with a few pic's.........

Friday, June 5, 2009


This asparagus plant is from Mom and Don's garden. I don't think it's normal that it has grown that way......I do think it's interesting to look at.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

jenniferquilts: Binky Brigade Tutorial

jenniferquilts: Binky Brigade Tutorial

Binky Brigade Tutorial

Start with two 16x16 inch pieces of fabric and one 16x16 inch square of batting. I used a cute baby print and cotton batting.

Layer the three layers in order, batting first and fabric right sides together on top of batting. Sew around edges leaving a 4 inch space for turning. I used a half inch seam allowance for this step.

Turn quilt sandwich inside out making sure all corners are turned evenly.

Pin opening closed, this is why I used a half inch seam allowance, makes turning the opening easier and it catches in the top stitching better.

Press the quilt after pinning the opening closed.

Pin whole quilt after pressing flat.

Top stitch around the quilt. I used 1/4 inch seam allowance on this part. I like this size because then I am sure to have the opening sewn over so there is no hand stitching involved to close the opening.

I then quilted a big x across the quilt.

I made 3 binkies in 45 minutes!!!

All ready to mail to the Binky Brigade! Send finished quilts to the http://www.binkybrigade.org/

Tote Bag

Mom likes Betty Boop. She gave me the remainder of the fabric she bought and this is the first of the bags planned with it. I kind of like letting the fabric be the main focal on these totes, I think I'm into quick and easy lately.
I'm on my way out to the studio to finish up a quilt and deliver it today, I will be stopping to drop off a sewing machine to the Binding Fairy, she is at work till Monday with no machine and my bindings to finish........

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My quilt

The binding fairy gave me this back, it's for my bed. I call it the winter quilt. I have a king size bed so it's huge! I love scrappy quilts and a lot of the blocks were from an online block exchange I did a few years ago. I used browns I had in my stash for the borders, back and binding. All the blocks are 6 inch. It's washed and hung on the deck to dry. (I have no clothes line due to a hot tub installation in my backyard)

I have been trying to download pic's to blogger since last night, not sure if it's my computer or blogger but it just don't want to accept them from me. I have more things to show and talk about but no cooperation......

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love this....

I was at Mom's this morning when 3 new quilt mag's came in the mail. I looked at them before she even got a chance! One thing that really caught my eye was this http://www.binkybrigade.org The gal who started this is from Nebraska and in the military herself. I have a weakness for babies and military.....so I'm off to my studio to whip up a few blankie's!

Be back with pic's later today!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Sara and Kristin made a few gifts this last week. Kristin wouldn't pose for this pic cause she didn't wash her hair and said she looked gross. The girls have lots of things to do this summer and this was first on the list. (I think their list should start with housework!!!) Kristin also cut off 3 or 4 pairs of pants and hemmed them into Capri's to wear to work. I am impressed she is recycling her clothes, college drama wardrobe dept. is paying off.

I have lots of plans to sew this week but no ambition to get out there and do it.....so I guess it's back to lists, I seem to get more done with them.
  1. Finish customer quilt on frame
  2. Luanne's Heart Quilt for American Heart Ass. auction
  3. Luanne's sisters B-day present
  4. Mom's Heartstrings quilt made by Orchard Quilters
  5. Mom's Bird quilt
  6. finish quilt on design board
  7. clean my room (ok this is a long shot but if I list it I might think about doing it for real)

Well right now I'm off to pick up a check and head to the bank, sure wish I could find the buttons I think I bought this weekend so I could finish the purses I made last week, guess I'm going to have to buy more. I hate not getting home with things i buy....