Monday, June 1, 2009


Sara and Kristin made a few gifts this last week. Kristin wouldn't pose for this pic cause she didn't wash her hair and said she looked gross. The girls have lots of things to do this summer and this was first on the list. (I think their list should start with housework!!!) Kristin also cut off 3 or 4 pairs of pants and hemmed them into Capri's to wear to work. I am impressed she is recycling her clothes, college drama wardrobe dept. is paying off.

I have lots of plans to sew this week but no ambition to get out there and do I guess it's back to lists, I seem to get more done with them.
  1. Finish customer quilt on frame
  2. Luanne's Heart Quilt for American Heart Ass. auction
  3. Luanne's sisters B-day present
  4. Mom's Heartstrings quilt made by Orchard Quilters
  5. Mom's Bird quilt
  6. finish quilt on design board
  7. clean my room (ok this is a long shot but if I list it I might think about doing it for real)

Well right now I'm off to pick up a check and head to the bank, sure wish I could find the buttons I think I bought this weekend so I could finish the purses I made last week, guess I'm going to have to buy more. I hate not getting home with things i buy....

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Housework first would be great wouldn't it? Good luck!!