Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I finally got my bedroom wall done.......well one anyway. The top pic is stuff from my Mom's that she didn't want anymore so I took the frames and put my wedding pic's in them. I had a mauve frame and a gold metal frame I replaced, also hung our engagement pic in the grouping. I decided my style is a bit more traditional/plain than glitzy/glam so I also got rid of the gold flowered frames. Just a few little changes and no money spent...(Sara helped me decide on the arrangement of the pic's)

Here's a pic of my yard stick progress.

This is what the guys have been doing this week, another two feet and it will be deep enough for the block layer to start the basement. I just think they wanted a reason to buy this new toy.......

Monday, June 21, 2010


I loved using the round knitting machine.....until I broke it.
These hats will be heading off to Ohio soon, they are all for charity. I am trying to clean out stuff around here with the girls helping and these might as well be out of here since I won't be doing any more until I replace my machine.
I have lots to do around here and plan to make the most of the week off of work, so that means naps and such....oh I mean cleaning and such!!! I am going to make my yard stick shelves today so maybe I can really get something done for a change instead of just planning to do it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sara's bed

I put Sara to work painting her new bed frame. I bought it almost 20 years ago on an auction in Orchard, some old guy I can't remember his name....bought the mattress and frame for $5. I needed a bed for Kristin's room at the time, I got tired of sleeping in the chair with her when she was a baby. Along the way the Kristin upgraded to her own twin bed and the mattress was disposed of and the frame went to the well house. Sara got tired of having a bunk bed in her room now that she don't have to share with anyone so we hauled it out and she slept on the floor for awhile. I got tired of seeing her room look like a tornado hit it with everything all over........(for some reason she wouldn't use her nightstand and piled everything on the floor beside her mattress) so out came the $5 bed frame and a can of spray paint.

Kristin helped her cut boards to fit the bottom of the bed, not sure we needed them but better to be safe than sorry. I teased Kristin that I sent her to college to learn to use power tools..........gotta love stage crew!

We put the twin size mattress under her bed, that way when she has friends or Andrew stays over there is a place to sleep, easy enough to pull out and she stuffed the extra pillows under there too. They gave me stress over my 20 year old sheets......said they were stretched out. Hmmmm so I got it at a garage sale, sounds like my girls are getting picky!

I think they have plans to watch movie's in here now.....

Sara wants me to mention a thanks to her Grandma Flicsha on here, she loves her new purple fuzzy blanket, in fact the girls have been fighting over it for the last two days while remaking this room. I also want to mention the quilts, both made by Grandma, they look fantastic in here and Sara is so proud of them. I am really happy that the girls have made such an effort to clean out and simplify their rooms, makes living in them so pleasant.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where have I been?

Let me introduce the newest members of our family. Sadie has put us all thru a lot of stress today with the birth of these sweet little babes. Last night I was sure she was going to have her puppies.........well this morning I let her out after a short sleep night, she was a really wet dog when I left for work so I made her stay outside. Kristin called at 11a.m. no dogs in the house. She started looking for them, Sammy showed up but no Sadie. Didn't see her all day so I came home and started looking....we combed the woods and all the outbuildings. No dog. We gave up and hoped for the best...... I was out watching the chickens and heard whining.......under the chicken house! Brad came out with a flashlight and shovel and started digging, we could tell by the sounds that she had them under the far corner from where she went in. Brad and I dug a hole big enough for him to lay in to reach up under the house and pull them out. We have 5 alive out of 6. Sadie didn't come out until Brad pulled the last pup out then she peaked out from under the house and looked at me like I was the meanest woman on Earth! She is now living in a basket with her babies in my bathroom, I even had to give her a bath.......the babies were clean but she sure wasn't!! I am so glad we found her, none of them would of made it thru the night....the raccoons would of came home and ate them. (we do have one less coon thanks to Kev) soooooooooo if anyone is interested these pups will be ready for new homes in 6 to 8 weeks....

This is Don's house............supposed to be corn fields in front and it's river. All the roads are closed, a lot of water running thru Nebraska right now. No telling what kind of damage we're going to find when the waters go down.

This is one of Sammy and Nicki's babies, she has 5, oh they are soooo cute! Shorkie's are so cute! They will be ready for new home's in a month or so, in the pic they are about 2 weeks old.

Country Market in Clearwater, gonna be there on Wednesday night from 5-8. I'm hoping to have a different jelly featured each week. Not sure they will have the market this week due to the flooding...........

Here's the gang taking a break from all the demo. The inside is gutted and now they are waiting for a basement to be dug and the house to be set. Someday my brother-in-law will have a home.
Well that's whats been going on the last two weeks or so around here, the girls are cleaning my studio.......more on that another time.