Tuesday, April 30, 2013

West, Texas Quilts

I stole these pic's off of Linda's blog, if I knew how to link I would send you there..........she got them off of Judy L.
Linda sent them to Judy to take to West Tx after the fertilizer blast that has affected that area. I love string blocks and I love making them but it sure was nice having Linda quilt them and mail them off! Thanks Linda for the quilting and binding, Kristin and Sara for the sewing, and the Orchard Quilters for the sewing and fabric. I am truly grateful for all the supportive quilters in this world who make a difference in the lives of so many by their selfless acts of kindness.http://quiltinlibrarylady.blogspot.com/  oh I think I got the link thing going, check out Linda's blog.

prom cost

 I was reading on the net about how much prom is costing parents. The article says over a $1000 is average......wow! Who has that kind of money to spend on one night a year? So I did a little addition and here's what my kids cost.
Sara's dress was a hand me down from Kristin, when she was asked to prom I told her she could go but I wouldn't buy a dress. She could pick from the 4 or 5 we have in the house. I paid $15.00 for it 5 years ago when Kristin wore it for graduation. Sara and Kristin took it out to my studio and remade it with a little help from Mrs. Potter(dentist wife in O'Neill whose estate sale I bought 5 totes of fabric) Kristin added two skirts, sash and trim. I paid $4 a tote so way less than a dollar for added fabric.
Shoes were $25 on clearance at Shoe Carnival
Vintage clutch came from my stash
Jewelry also came from my stash, the vintage butterfly pin on the back of the dress and matching earrings she wore in her hair might be family heirlooms? Or I might have bought them at a garage sale.....now they are Sara heirlooms. The pearl strand is another stash find. The pearl earring are hers from Grandma Flicsha.
I made 4 garters for less than $3 so Sara's two cost $1.25 each
Flowers were $22.98 for all (kids and dates) because Grandma Flicsha is premo florist!
Brad's tux jacket was from the thrift store costing $2
Tie and vest ordered off the net for $24.95 plus shipping
Shirt and pants bought at Dillards outlet each $14.99  minus 70%
Shoes borrowed from cousin
alterations by Kristin
I did have to pay $40 for post prom (they gave $20 to the kid at the end of the night)
Kevin and I took Sara to Norfolk (server dates were not included in bus ride or dinner at prom) and we had a very nice dinner at Village Inn for around $30 for the three of us. So add $20 in gas because we took the pickup. I let Brad drive my car to Clearwater to pick up Chelsea and return her in the morning so maybe $3 in gas.
Oh and I almost forgot the pictures we don't have yet...$45
I do have to thank Anna for coming up to do Sara's hair, it was alot of work to make that mane all curls and for saving Brad's haircut......so don't let me have clippers before important events!
So for around a little over $200 I sent two kids to prom.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Prom 2013

 Brad and Chelsea
 Sara and Tyson
 Kaylee and Jordan
 Kaylee showing off her boots and garter.
My kids, Brad and Sara before leaving the house.
So I think they all had a good time........at least the girls did.
Flowers by Grandma Flicsha.
Sara's hair by Anna.
Sara's dress by Kristin
Kaylee's hair done by Jill and flowers by Lucy's in Neligh.
Brad's tux altered by Kristin
AND all paid for by Mom.
(and Kaylee's Mom)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shoppe sewing

 Here's a pic of of our free pattern for Shop Hop 2013. The boss asked for a small project, what's smaller than hot pads? They have went over great as a free pattern and I've had people ask if the finished hot pads are for sale too. I love these, even made some with other fabrics, the center is a 5" square so it's easy to fussy cut or put an applique in the center.
 I also made a pattern for Microwave Bowl Coozy's, Love these for hot or cold bowls, great for putting your bowl in when it's full of ice cream and you want to eat it while sitting in your lazy boy.

 Sara is modeling my newest apron pattern, the half apron is reversible with pockets on both sides. It's available at the Shoppe as a pattern or a kit.
The full apron is  made, just no pattern yet. I'm hoping to write it up this week. Shop Hop has been great and the last day is tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 Since this is supposed to be a quilting blog I guess I will show some quilts. The top blue quilt is Roseanne's, it's a 4 Patch Poesy Quilt pattern. This one is done and delivered.
 This one is the same pattern as the top quilt, also Roseanne's. She said this one looks like an old lady quilt. Hmmmmm I kind of  like it..........does that mean I'm an old lady?
I am presently working on this quilt. Luanne is making graduation quilts. I'm right in the middle of quilting this one and my machine wanted to give me fits so I walked away. Maybe a little time apart will make the heart grow fonder?

Shop Hop is starting this week so we have been BUSY getting the shoppe shaped up for visitors. I'm looking forward to the new samples we are hanging tomorrow and the new line of Christmas fabric is soooooo nice! I sure am getting tired.........but it's good to be busy!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby gift

 Just a request for a baby gift. My brother's girlfriend Jamie has a new nephew! I'm more than happy to send this special quilt to the new baby and his lucky family.
I was messing around with my machine when I got the call for the baby quilt, this is what I was doing. I layered low loft batting with felt and stitched a few butterflies. I was wondering how much the stitches would bury themselves in felt. I think it's ok so I am going to make hot pads out of these. I have a bag of felt, all different colors and I'm sure I have no other use for felt......


Well it's Spring around here, just had our new batch of kittens this week. Spring cleaning is well underway and I have a finished roof on my house. My niece and her family have finished moving into their house and I will start filling the building in town with stuff to sell. April will be busy!