Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shoppe sewing

 Here's a pic of of our free pattern for Shop Hop 2013. The boss asked for a small project, what's smaller than hot pads? They have went over great as a free pattern and I've had people ask if the finished hot pads are for sale too. I love these, even made some with other fabrics, the center is a 5" square so it's easy to fussy cut or put an applique in the center.
 I also made a pattern for Microwave Bowl Coozy's, Love these for hot or cold bowls, great for putting your bowl in when it's full of ice cream and you want to eat it while sitting in your lazy boy.

 Sara is modeling my newest apron pattern, the half apron is reversible with pockets on both sides. It's available at the Shoppe as a pattern or a kit.
The full apron is  made, just no pattern yet. I'm hoping to write it up this week. Shop Hop has been great and the last day is tomorrow.

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