Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something quilty

When I was at the Log Cabin I found this panel and decided to make my house a Halloween quilt. I brought it back and also got two kits made for work. I like whimsy Halloween and this is my kind of cute. Oh and it was fast too, I don't' ever put a lot of time into seasonal quilts like this, I'm into instant gratification during the holidays! I'm also working on another sample for work but it's going to take me a bit longer to finish than I thought, there was a fair amount of ripping going on yesterday afternoon! I promised to have it done by the 20th so I'm planning a sewing day(or evening) here pretty quick to finish it up.

new project

This is the building my mom bought when she was here last week. It's going to keep me busy for a long time! The front don't look to bad and it has a new roof...........the rest of it is in need of some TLC and some $$$.
This is where my demo team decided to start. It's a back porch built on the end of the building. My little brother says he can save it so we started the clearing and tearing for him.

I'm just showing the corner where we started in the pic's, the window behind Kristin is falling in and the siding is all but rotted away. I did a quick patch job under the window so no critters would come visiting tonight. (don't ya love the duct tape holding the outside walls together?)

We took two pickup loads out today......

Kristin found another hole, this one is where the duct tape gave out about 6 feet or so up the wall. She's standing on a chair for this pic. The brick is the building next door!
Tomorrow Kelsey will be here and he's gonna help me with a few little fixes, I have some door locks to change and he's gonna have to patch this hole up just a bit.
I am so glad Kristin came home for Fall break, I've missed her and she's also good help.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

crazy two weeks

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. My Mom bought a building and we moved her stuff into it, remodeling is imminent.......I am tired and out of shape! I'm working more at the bar(heading there in about 5 minutes) and will have two days at the quilt shop this week. After taking Mom to the airport Tuesday morning I went back to the motel and enjoyed a morning nap then I made my way over to the Log Cabin Quilt Shop in La Vista. I spent a good two hours there visiting with the boss and checking out everything in her shop. It was so nice not having anyone bugging me while I looked around........'are you done yet' .........'can we go now".........'what do you need that for?' I also brought home a few things to make samples, oh I'm excited! I will be back to this blog in the next week with things to show off! It's a good thing I have to go to work at the quilt shop tomorrow........sample time!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Mom's here from Arizona for two weeks so on our visit to see Kristin at college we went to the pumpkin patch. My teenager's are funny..........can't ya tell by the pic's?

We saw the children's play at Northwestern it was Asian Folktales. I always enjoy the productions they put on, very well done and the actor's are great. Ate the best Chinese food before heading home too.I really enjoyed the day with the kids and my mom.

I have been battling the after affects of the flu for a week now. It took a Dr. appointment to finally kick it, ugh! I hate being sick! I'm not working at the motel anymore, I can't work full time, keep my quilting and my kids happy and get anything done around the house so something had to go.........(didn't think I would give up quilting did ya? and the kids are to hard to get rid of..) So I'm back to a day at the quilt shop, and a few shifts at the bar. When I fully get over being sick I have big plans...........hehehe........oh and helping my mom this next week will keep me busy I'm sure!