Saturday, October 16, 2010

new project

This is the building my mom bought when she was here last week. It's going to keep me busy for a long time! The front don't look to bad and it has a new roof...........the rest of it is in need of some TLC and some $$$.
This is where my demo team decided to start. It's a back porch built on the end of the building. My little brother says he can save it so we started the clearing and tearing for him.

I'm just showing the corner where we started in the pic's, the window behind Kristin is falling in and the siding is all but rotted away. I did a quick patch job under the window so no critters would come visiting tonight. (don't ya love the duct tape holding the outside walls together?)

We took two pickup loads out today......

Kristin found another hole, this one is where the duct tape gave out about 6 feet or so up the wall. She's standing on a chair for this pic. The brick is the building next door!
Tomorrow Kelsey will be here and he's gonna help me with a few little fixes, I have some door locks to change and he's gonna have to patch this hole up just a bit.
I am so glad Kristin came home for Fall break, I've missed her and she's also good help.

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