Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well I finally went to the Dr. today, I have sinus infection, it's moving to my ears and lungs. Oh and lets not forget the pinkeye.............ughhhhhh! So after 2 shots and a z-pack plus cold and congestion over the counter pills I should be on the mend soon. No bar work for me, another week of drugs should keep me from spreading my germs to all my lovely customers and hey...maybe they will appreciate me more when I get back? (no I'm sure they will all moan and groan when I return) I've already missed 3 shifts, it's cutting down on my spending money! Well I will just go shop my studio this weekend if I'm feeling well enough to get out of my chair for any length of time, this last week and a half have been awful for energy to do anything. Guess I really was sick.

I did go out to my studio for a few minutes tonight, I got my Christmas Present Wall hang half quilted, I'm going to finish the rest on the regular sewing machine tomorrow. I need to start carrying my camera again to catch my projects and cute dog pic's...oh and kitten pic's. (maybe a kid or two thrown in once in awhile....................)  OK off to bed, I tried really hard today not to nap so I wouldn't want to stay up all night and watch lousy TV. It would be different if I was busy or creating but all I've done is hold down the chair and stare at the tube. Nite.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


How could I of forgotten to mention the newest member of our family? Josie came to live with us in May. I brought her home from Pet Smart and a Sioux City Animal rescue. Met a really nice guy who was her foster dad (forgot his name and lost his e-mail to send update) and he assured me she would be perfect for us. Well he was right, I love her! Not so sure the rest of the family does..........but they are getting used to her. Sammy is jealous of her at times but they seem to be getting along and he even lets her sleep on his pillow next to my bed. Now Josie looks old and they told me she might be 8 or so but aside from long stretches when she gets up in the morning or from naps she acts like a happy puppy. She tolerates my cats, and only had to be punished once to not try to eat my baby chicks. She loves to ride in the pickup(falling out the window only once..........ok sliding out the window over me while I was driving........good thing I was only doing 5mph and had a hold of her till her front paws hit the ground......note; only have windows half way down with dog) she rides in the back seat most of the time unless its just us then she rides "shotgun"or she lets Sammy have the front if he's along.

Tonight it rained for the first time since mid June. Kev, Sara and Brad joined me on the porch to enjoy the storm and Josie sat next to the house under my feet the whole time, even when we sent Sara out to roll up the windows on the truck......twice.........she forgot to turn off the switch and left the lights on. Wow she was soaked but she loved it. They threw rain at each other off the gutters that were overflowing and Brad took the 4-wheeler down the road to turn off the pivots. It was nice to just enjoy the rain together. Now that clothes are changed, showers taken(Brad was covered in mud from the puddles he raced thru) and the house is quiet my Josie is in her usual spot behind the computer chair sleeping.  I wanted another companion dog so Sammy and I wouldn't be alone during the school year days and Josie is great, she even sleeps under the quilting machine and the noise don't bother her a bit.

 I love my rescue dog.....oh and my niece Rylee(5) thinks she's great too!