Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well I finally went to the Dr. today, I have sinus infection, it's moving to my ears and lungs. Oh and lets not forget the pinkeye.............ughhhhhh! So after 2 shots and a z-pack plus cold and congestion over the counter pills I should be on the mend soon. No bar work for me, another week of drugs should keep me from spreading my germs to all my lovely customers and hey...maybe they will appreciate me more when I get back? (no I'm sure they will all moan and groan when I return) I've already missed 3 shifts, it's cutting down on my spending money! Well I will just go shop my studio this weekend if I'm feeling well enough to get out of my chair for any length of time, this last week and a half have been awful for energy to do anything. Guess I really was sick.

I did go out to my studio for a few minutes tonight, I got my Christmas Present Wall hang half quilted, I'm going to finish the rest on the regular sewing machine tomorrow. I need to start carrying my camera again to catch my projects and cute dog pic's...oh and kitten pic's. (maybe a kid or two thrown in once in awhile....................)  OK off to bed, I tried really hard today not to nap so I wouldn't want to stay up all night and watch lousy TV. It would be different if I was busy or creating but all I've done is hold down the chair and stare at the tube. Nite.

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