Friday, February 19, 2010

A finish

I finally found the time to finish my horse quilt at work. I would of liked to quilt it before displaying but I'm not sure how long it will be before I get back up there so I hated to have it gone longer than a few days. I only made 5 kits so maybe it will sell out before I get it quilted. I loved the pattern, it went together perfectly. It's called Country Lanes by Atkins Designs. I call this version Country Lane Horses. (oh how original) I have 4 more quilts to do samples for before Shop Hop in April and I'm hoping to get more than that done really.
Tonight I'm going to watch SyFy channel with Kev and do laundry, that's what ol 'married couples do on wild Friday nights around here.


I've watched a bit of T.V. this week.......the hats and scarf on the left side are leftovers from blankets I did for Christmas and some of Grandma's yarn. I love to make curly scarves but this one didn't turn out as expected. I like it anyway and think it will be fun to wear. The hats on the right side of the pic are made with yarn my friend Linda gave me quite awhile ago. (Linda do you recognize it?) I had to promise Sara I wouldn't make her wear these because she says the yarn is ugly and she don't like brown. Who knew teenagers were so picky? I will donate the hats I can't shame my family into wearing...
I spent most of the day in bed with a headache, I'm getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! Well I better get to bed again....I work at the quilt shop tomorrow(play with fabric).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This week

I pick up the hat loom in the evenings when there is something on T.V. I want to watch. I have to share my chair with Sammy and Sadie every night and sometimes Snowball gets in on the crafting too.
One of my favorite ladies does scrap quilts. I like this one the best so far.
It's been a terrible week so far....the weather is killing me!!! I do have to get out today for a tax appointment, good thing because I'm out of batting and there will be no more quilting around here till I pick some up. I have quilt group tonight and I'm looking forward to it for a little motivation.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Friday afternoon I drove Sara to Bible Camp thru Northeast Nebraska. The scenery was beautiful with the new falling snow and the tree's frosted with it. Just east of Niobrara is the Santee Reservation, that's where I stopped to snap this picture. This eagle was frolicking in the snow with it's mate(even after working with them at the zoo I can't tell boy from girl eagle) when they saw the truck coming this one flew to the dead tree and posed for me. I pulled over and backed up just a tad and Sara got the camera out...........almost missed it because the camera was trying to die. The eagle sat patiently and waited for me to take it's pic, then it looked at us and flew off to meet it's mate down the hill. I love watching for wildlife while out on a little drive.
While Sara was at camp I made her a new hoodie, my little Sock Monkey girl.......

This is what I worked on during the Super Bowl. Sara and I both took naps before the game so I missed the first quarter, then I had to eat dip and chips, then work on this, then eat ice cream....then finish this...

I thought I would stick in a pic of a set I finished awhile back, the hat is a rough follow of a pattern from I don't read patterns well but hers are easier than most to follow.

Here's the finished hat and it's mates made from my yarn and Grandma Allen's yarn. The fuzzy yarn Mom and I shared when we were doing a lot of postcards. All three of these are child size so they will be sent off to children somewhere. I think two of them I will send to my little cousins and the other will be charity.

I love to watch the Super Bowl for the half time show.

  • Scarves are in, just look at Roger.......
  • Wardrobe malfunction on Pete, to much belly hanging out!
  • Gotta love vintage ROCK!
  • 12 year old asking if the Who was younger than me............hmmmmmm let me think about that one.

I also love to watch the commercials.

  • Sara's favorite was the wild toys......ok the sock monkey won her heart.
  • I definitely noticed a theme with the advertising this year....half dressed men! Icky! From the office casual the guy sleepwalking across the African the fake sumo wrestlers..........oh and lets not forget the 'pants' commercial.

I thought it was nice the Saints won, it's always exciting the first Super Bowl win and the quarterback with his son, that was really sweet!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A few more things...

I got Roseann's Valentine banner done this week, I quilted a heart pattern across it. Oh boy am I out of practice! Sorry for the lousy pic's, it's dark and coooooold outside and there's no way I'm going out there tomorrow either! (everything is wet due to the rain and snow so no outside pic's)
I bound 4 little hot pads for my kitchen, the black was already quilted and cut off of an earlier project. I have no idea why I used the peach stripe fabric on that one....I just grabbed the first binding scrap in the basket and sewed it on, then I thought about it and did the other 3 in blue to match the kitchen. Nothing fancy for my kitchen because with all the "cooks" in my house they just get ruined as fast as I make them.

I also finished 36 QAYG blocks for Heartstrings and Jay's Nursing Home Project. They are all done in pastel strings with the same backing for all the blocks. Check out the fire starter in the right top corner of the pic, Bradley will be happy I saved it for him.

Oh and I have to throw in a goat pic once in awhile too! This is Hope and Charity, my two Fainter Kids.

I also put binding on this Heartstrings quilt this week. It's in the wash tonight and heading out in the mail tomorrow.
I do seem to be feeling a bit better tonight, I'm heading to bed and hopefully I can sleep the rest of it off. Kev is at work, he got a bug on the main system and it's sending out millions of emails...........he has till Monday to find it and fix. It's gonna be a long weekend.

I love to make scarves, Kaylee is modeling the ruffle/boa scarf and matching hat. No one in my house would wear it.....Kaylee loved it so it's now hers. Sara is modeling the raspberry fluff scarf, it does have a matching headband........somewhere.....and Andrew is modeling the purple fuzz scarf, can't leave that picture hound out of any shots!
I won a drawing from in December(wow that was a long time ago) (I tried to copy/paste her blog but it won't let me today) I want to thank her for the adorable sock monkey bag. As you can see Sara is a sock monkey fan and she took the bag from me. Check out Stacy's other sites on the web, she does the String Thing Challenge and has an online quilt shop too, Sew Far Sew Good Quilt Shop . Thanks again Stacy, you made my day and Sara's too.

Not much going on here today, trying to get over feeling lousy. I even called in sick to work! The only thing I'm going to do is get things ready to mail to my mom and some charity things I have made and ready to go.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gray Monday

It's another gray day here in Nebraska........... I slept late, fed the goats and petted the cat and now it's almost noon. So I guess it's time to get busy and do something productive with my day. Laundry (never ending) and maybe dishes. I think maybe I'll cook some lunch for myself and do a little looming or crochet before heading out to the studio. I do have pic's to share so I will be back later to blog about them.
Kev and Brian cooked last night so my kitchen is trashed, I'm glad they can feed themselves but the grease mess is unbelievable! Kev told me last night when he came into work that he would clean the kitchen tonight........that's when I knew it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Brat's, fried potato's and baked beans all cooked in the house, oh my! It was so cold outside he couldn't get the grill lit so they grilled on the new gas cook top. Like I said I'm glad they can feed themselves!