Sunday, February 7, 2010


Friday afternoon I drove Sara to Bible Camp thru Northeast Nebraska. The scenery was beautiful with the new falling snow and the tree's frosted with it. Just east of Niobrara is the Santee Reservation, that's where I stopped to snap this picture. This eagle was frolicking in the snow with it's mate(even after working with them at the zoo I can't tell boy from girl eagle) when they saw the truck coming this one flew to the dead tree and posed for me. I pulled over and backed up just a tad and Sara got the camera out...........almost missed it because the camera was trying to die. The eagle sat patiently and waited for me to take it's pic, then it looked at us and flew off to meet it's mate down the hill. I love watching for wildlife while out on a little drive.
While Sara was at camp I made her a new hoodie, my little Sock Monkey girl.......

This is what I worked on during the Super Bowl. Sara and I both took naps before the game so I missed the first quarter, then I had to eat dip and chips, then work on this, then eat ice cream....then finish this...

I thought I would stick in a pic of a set I finished awhile back, the hat is a rough follow of a pattern from I don't read patterns well but hers are easier than most to follow.

Here's the finished hat and it's mates made from my yarn and Grandma Allen's yarn. The fuzzy yarn Mom and I shared when we were doing a lot of postcards. All three of these are child size so they will be sent off to children somewhere. I think two of them I will send to my little cousins and the other will be charity.

I love to watch the Super Bowl for the half time show.

  • Scarves are in, just look at Roger.......
  • Wardrobe malfunction on Pete, to much belly hanging out!
  • Gotta love vintage ROCK!
  • 12 year old asking if the Who was younger than me............hmmmmmm let me think about that one.

I also love to watch the commercials.

  • Sara's favorite was the wild toys......ok the sock monkey won her heart.
  • I definitely noticed a theme with the advertising this year....half dressed men! Icky! From the office casual the guy sleepwalking across the African the fake sumo wrestlers..........oh and lets not forget the 'pants' commercial.

I thought it was nice the Saints won, it's always exciting the first Super Bowl win and the quarterback with his son, that was really sweet!

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Cool eagle picture.
I may have to get a set of those hat looms. I could start a whole new obsession. LOL
You know, I picked the Saints to win, I don't know why, it just came to me. Hope my son-in-law bet on them. His middle child probably told him to choose them, but he doesn't always listen to her. Silly man.