Saturday, May 31, 2008

String UFO

This is one of the many string quilts that is a UFO in my studio, I finished the top last night in between quilting Luanne's quilt(lets not go into that story). I saw a quilt like this on the net somewhere and thought the blue and yellow were a great setting, now I wish I would of saved the pic so I could thank whoever gave me the idea. I found a school theme fabric for borders, now it's really busy, not sure if I like it so I folded it up and set it on the shelf, lately everything I plan and do looks better in my mind so now I'm second guessing my choices. I guess I shouldn't worry so much, some kid somewhere will love this quilt finished!

chinese coins

I love my Heartstrings Yahoo Group, I think they are some of the nicest ladies on the web, they are always doing a special project and this is the latest. RWB Chinese Coin blocks for Quilts of Valor. I love making these blocks, they are no set length, just whatever so they can be added to someones blocks and made into a quilt. I just wish I had more RWB fabric's........oh well whatever I send will help keep someone warm and happy.

Jenny, Raymond and Jacket

I would like to introduce Jenny, Raymond and Jacket, they are the offspring of a 3 year UFO. Mom, Luanne and I took a class thru Quilt Guild with Jenny Raymond and started a Jacket. Well my jacket turned into a UFO when I got home. (decided I don't want to wear my quilts anymore) Luanne and I wanted to make these cute frogs we saw at Quilters Candy Shoppe so being the procrastinator that I am I didn't have frog skin made for our meeting, my jacket back was perfect for frog skin! Not sure what I'm going to do with 2 frogs (Jenny is Sara's, she claimed it before it was finished) and I want to thank Josh for helping me stuff them, it was sure funny to watch us put a funnel in the rear end and pour rice into them!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Retro Recycled Shopping Bag

I finished two shopping bags for Kristin tonight, I think this is the ultimate recycled project, first it's made from an old sheet from the 70's, second it saves using plastic bags and third it's cute and "green"! What else would the new hip earth friendly college student put her junk food in?

Story Board

This is the story board for Quilt Guild in June, Mom is showing little projects this next month and I am in charge of hot pads. This was a giveaway pattern years ago but it's still so handy for gifts and craft shows. I made my Mother in law a table runner and basket out of these colors so when the meeting is over I will finish the set and give to her next October for her B-day. (sorry the pic is sideways, someday I will learn to turn my pic's)

end of May

Wow! Where did the month go? I quit my job a few weeks ago so I could stay home and get life back in order around here, it's not happening! The grass is a foot high due to the storms and the garden is not planted. The weeds in the flower beds are getting big and I don't feel like crawling in the mud to pull them. The rabbits are settling in nicely but I have to many and Kevin is tired of building hutches. I do have a new litter of Checkered Giants, 8 or 9 I think.(never count till day 3 or 4 because mama gets upset if you mess with them) I enjoy setting outside in the evening with the rabbits, kids think I'm nuts but they know where to find me for 'mom time'. Went to Columbus with Kevin overnight Wednesday and spent the day shopping on Thursday. The Goodwill is great there and Sara has a new wardrobe for summer, I picked up a few things for me and Kevin also. I have a table full of apples to can tonight, I'm thinking applesauce and maybe apple butter. I spent the last three hours sewing, I am working on Luanne's quilt in the frame, I have a table runner top ready to quilt for a wedding present tomorrow night, I made the samples for a hot pad storyboard for Quilt Guild in June(now to write up the instructions) and I made Kristin a recycled grocery bag out of an old sheet. She loves bright colors so I found a retro sheet in my stash, cut 16"x27 rectangle and sewed up the sides, boxed the corners and added handles. It's nothing fancy but it will haul grocery's. I like it because it's lightweight, and will fold up flat. Easy to store and what's a college student gonna do with plastic bags from shopping? I'm hoping to get a few more done before she goes off to college. I also have Chinese coin blocks going for Heartstrings Yahoo Group, a gal is collecting them until the 4th of July so when I get bored quilting I set down and whip a few of these up. (ok my foot starts hurting and I can't stand anymore behind the frame) Wow, when I get pictures taken I will have alot to show!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

No sewing

It's been a long time since my sewing machine has ran, not from breakdowns but because of operator neglect. I didn't realize graduation would take so much of my life this spring. I enjoyed the last month of school but I am so tired and getting sick didn't help. (finally feel human after 10 days) I am going to sew tomorrow, not by choice but I promised a quilt to be done before Saturday, a wedding quilt! Nothing like waiting till the last minute huh? So tonight I am heading to bed, 4:30a.m. was early and a full day at college will tire a mom was worth it, Kristin is excited and I'm excited for her.

Chewbacca Bunnies

Ok I am in love with Lionhead rabbits! I love the fuzzy neck thing they have going........I have one sold and three to go from this litter, 5 brown and 2 white from the next litter, wow, Partyline is getting called tomorrow! My rabbit obsession is getting out of control and it's time to thin the herd!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Notice bandage on hand...........that's what a can of green beans costs .......a doctor visit and 10 stiches on graduation morning.
Kassie and Kristin, BFF's since preschool , don't they look happy!

This is the awesome cake Luanne made for Kristin, I don't know what she does but she makes the best cake! We had a great day for graduation, 45 and blowing wind with rain but it didn't matter because everyone came for a party and we had a good one. I finally had to make kids go to bed around 2:00a.m. because I was tired. I am really glad it's over though, I got sick the day after and a week later I'm no better, Sammy went to the vet and got a shot and pills for his kennel cough, I'm thinking I should of had the vet give me a shot and pills for my kennel cough too! Kristin is feeling rough too, I think we all just did to much last week and now we're paying for it. Oh well, graduation was worth it!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Is it over yet?

I sure wish this weekend was over already....I'm tired! Now I know why parents have their kids graduation parties at halls or churches. I'm tired of cleaning and cooking, I have been cooking because all of Kev's family made it in today, I only have green beans and fruit salad to make tomorrow, the cake is here, it's beautiful. All the cleaning left is the floor mopping, everything else is done or forgotten. I'm locking my bedroom door, no time to clean it.......oh well. Kristin is out stringing lights on the deck and the guys are cooking pork(all day thing). I better get back to cleaning odds and ends, the way it's going bed is calling early tonight!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

busy time of the year

Kev is in the field, if the thunder storm holds off he will finish cabinet doors are on the deck and all that is left is a coat of poly...........the sun keeps peaking out of the clouds but the way it feels outside I know the storm is gonna roll Thu this afternoon. I have learned that poly does not like to be applied with a roller.....hahaha good thing it's the inside of the doors I did first! I did a little quilting Sunday night, a rather large scrap quilt for a dear lady from Neigh, she is working on graduation quilts for great grand kids! (lucky kids) and I also quilted one from a gal in Orchard, she is legally blind. She will be donating it to the Legion Axillary for a raffle. It's a cute quilt, done with Husker Hankies from 1987. Mom finished the binding and made a label for it today. I will deliver this week yet so she can have pic's and tickets made. ok I better get back to my doors, I think the thunder is getting closer........

Friday, May 2, 2008


I think Chip had a lot of hair!
He seems much happier with his new haircut, (yes I got to close with the clippers above his eye)

After his haircut all he wanted to do was play with Sammy and Sadie, I think mom and dad got tired of his games cause Sadie pinned him down and bit his ear and made him yelp. He then calmed down and they all took naps on the deck in the sun. I am so suprise by how much Chip looks like Sammy, even down to the white on his chest and the tips of his paws, his temperment is more like Sadie's though, laid back and calm, he does like stuffed animals and has now found a ball he carries around so he still has puppy left in him.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

It's May day, my dad's b-day, my Brother in law's b-day and two days ago we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary with a trip to Menard's and lunch at Whiskey Creek. (with a parts stop at Dinkel's for the planter.) I think spring is in full swing here, I planned my wedding the end of April because Kev assured me no one planted corn before the 10th of May...........hahahaha!!!! A lot has changed in 19 years and Kev has been planting for two days now. I spent today helping move equipment in the field, hauling corn, loading truck and riding my new 4wheeler thru the fields. Sara and I had a surprise with our bunnies tonight, we went to check them and the two sisters were fighting, drawing blood! So we moved them to separate cages. Gave them both more hay and one was moving hers around the cage so I gave her more and thought nothing of it. Went back to check on the bunnies about two hours later and she was pulling hair!! (that means babies!) So I moved the three boy rabbits out of the hutch and put her in, then I had to separate the boys cause they didn't like the smaller cage. So I'm out of cages and my new sister/momma has the hutch to herself, I checked her at dusk and she was pulling hair and piling it on the outside of the building so I blocked her in the building for the night, I will check her first thing in the morning to see if the babies have arrived and so she can get to food and water. I'm excited to think that might be my second batch this spring, Uno pulled hair two days ago but I can't see into her box so it will be a few days before I can check her box without upsetting her.