Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Trease kids! Sara, Brad, Kristin and Josh.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 It's the longest night of the year, winter solstice. It was also my uncles b'day. I should of been born on this day but stubbornness on my part delayed my arrival by two more days. Forty three years ago there was a terrible storm,  my Grandma took my mom to the hospital, almost didn't get there though, couldn't get up the huge hill in the car with all the snow. When they arrived the nurses came out thinking my Grandma was the one needing help, guess my mom had to go to the doors herself to get someone to let them in. I always thought this was funny, my mom didn't look pregnant and she was tough too. I always watch the weather on this day, waiting for another blizzard, today was 40 and overcast with a slight wind. No storm tonight.
Thought I'd show what I work on when nothing is going on at work. This is an ongoing scrappy project. Very simple so I can have no stress sewing and interruptions don't hurt. I am down to borders on this now, not sure if I'll add them though, can't seem to find anything I like. Right now the quilt is 80X110 so really it don't need borders.........if it had a home I would know what color the borders should be but right now it's homeless, just add it to my UFO pile.

oh the fun we have......

The girls helped me string garland and lights on the deck rails tonight. They also decorated something that was left on the deck for over a week. I got a new one a week ago but someone keeps ignoring me when I tell him to get it off the deck (Brad).  Oh well, who we got to impress, hillbilly is in the genes. (yes those white spots are snow, I'm a mean Mom and I made them help me in the dark and snowy night)

Little Christmas Cheer

 I like decorating and creating for Christmas. The first wreath is one I made for Al. I clean his house once a week or so when time allows. He forbid a tree when I asked him if he had one or wanted one so I compromised and made him a wreath. The lights and all the ornaments are his, I just supplied the wreath, bows and the girly pink cow ornament on the left.(he raises Holstein heifers) 
 This sweet Barbie wreath is MINE!!! I used to have them on a tree that sat in my bedroom but with my new furniture there just is not room for a tree so I downsized a bit and put them on a wreath. I am donating the leftovers to the second hand store, I don't really need 40 Barbie toys..........
This little tree sits on the kitchen bar, it blinks alot! I put pokie lights on it and mostly red and white ornaments. We used to have pokie lights when I was little so when I found them at the thrift store I had to have them. Mom says the pokie star points kept me and the dog from messing with them on the tree.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sara, Mom and I made a few makeup bags last night for gifts. They had them cut out and zippers in before I got there so all I had to help with was the sewing sides and corners. I stole this pic from my Mom's blog  if anyone wants to see more that we've done. I love making things like this and it was even better with help.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December already?

I think I am in shock, it's already the middle of December! The weather is starting to act like it too.......cold and dreary. I am in the middle of a big mess with Christmas decorations (planned to many like usual) and finishing up a few quilts for other people this week too. I am starting to get overwhelmed so it's time to take a deep breath and start making lists...maybe I will feel better when I check things off.
This is a Holt Co. museum quilt. Oh I've already forgot the details, guess if you want to know more visit the museum!