Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Christmas Cheer

 I like decorating and creating for Christmas. The first wreath is one I made for Al. I clean his house once a week or so when time allows. He forbid a tree when I asked him if he had one or wanted one so I compromised and made him a wreath. The lights and all the ornaments are his, I just supplied the wreath, bows and the girly pink cow ornament on the left.(he raises Holstein heifers) 
 This sweet Barbie wreath is MINE!!! I used to have them on a tree that sat in my bedroom but with my new furniture there just is not room for a tree so I downsized a bit and put them on a wreath. I am donating the leftovers to the second hand store, I don't really need 40 Barbie toys..........
This little tree sits on the kitchen bar, it blinks alot! I put pokie lights on it and mostly red and white ornaments. We used to have pokie lights when I was little so when I found them at the thrift store I had to have them. Mom says the pokie star points kept me and the dog from messing with them on the tree.

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