Saturday, December 27, 2014


 Here's a pic of Jamie's quilt. Mom and I made 10 quilts for presents this year. She made all the girls Jelly Roll quilts. Jamie's favorite color is orange.
 Brad likes green so his Star Wars quilt is set with green. This is the BQ2 pattern but modified Flicsha style. That means every one of these made with this pattern is different. I personally like the changes she made when setting them together and the boys don't care.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Baby words quilt

 I bought this quilt top at the quilt shop in Hastings Ne. It's sat a long time in my to quilt pile. I love the baby sayings on the top. This is just another finish it up project.


 This is my disappearing hourglass quilt. I made 7 blocks at quilt group a few months ago and decided to make a small quilt. I thought about two table runners, but a small quilt is more useful I guess. The cream background was left over backing from another quilt.
 This embroidery quilt top  was given to me quite a few years ago. I bordered it and finally got it quilted. I am going to color in the scene with crayons to give it a little dimension. I am going to keep this one for a future that means I will have it forever because none of my kids are interested in babies. I figure if  I make baby presents now while I'm still in good shape my grandkids and great grandkids will have handmade presents even if I'm not around.
I am ready to start getting some of my old projects finished up and this is just a start. Mom and I got 10 quilts done for Christmas so now we are going to play January finish up. I know lots of people think of the new year as a time to start new but we think it's time to finish up old.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

I did get a new Christmas quilt this year. I made this a few years ago, long enough ago I really don't remember making it. I quilted it in between everyone else's quilts. So far I'm keeping it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Spike says "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Birthday"!   (he's the best little brother I could ask for, even better than my other "little brother")

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tabletopper and Round Pie Hot Pads

 This tabletopper fits under a casserole dish.  The round ones under pie plates.
All these were made with scraps from other projects. I have two throw size quilts made with this fabric and the rest is from Mom's scrap basket.
  There is no time before Christmas with work and such, today is my only day off this week until the big day so I'm wrapping presents, cleaning, watching Christmas specials(what fun is it without the Winter Warlock?) and I have a quilt pinned in and waiting for me.

Pie Carriers

 Just a sneak peak of a present I've been working on for years, it's ready to quilt.
 Mom found a pie carrier pattern on the internet, we've made a few now.....

This one went for an  exchange gift for quilt group in November.