Sunday, April 27, 2008

Madison Auction

I went shopping today, ok so I went to Madison Bird and Small Animal Auction, I shopped for rabbits! (us city girls call auctions shopping!) I met Dawn and we spent the day watching chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits sell. We decided we love auctions and its so much fun to go with a friend who loves animals as much as I do. Dawn took home 5, 3 satins, 1 dutch, and a cinnamon satin. I have the matching siblings. I also got two checkered giant doe's, a doe lionhead, a baby dutch, and a few more........I'm to tired to take pic's and it's dark now, we had to go get some big temporary cages and get them all tucked in for the night. Not sure the kids are impressed but I love them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My babies

I just love baby chicks! Well it's spring time on the farm, the chicks have been bought! Sara got three bantams (the fuzzy white one in the left corner is her baby) some layers and of course some broilers. I like the brown chicks the best and Sara likes the white ones until they get feathers, then she thinks they are ugly and doesn't want anything to do with them. My big new fancy chicken house is half built. I am looking forward to moving my babies into it when its complete. I am still hoping for rain today.........I'm so tired of hauling poo!

Heartstrings baby quilt

Ok I know this is a loud,busy baby quilt.......ok I know it needed some calm resting strips or borders.......ok I know I should of never sewn it up while I was still on drugs.......but its done, and some baby will love it! (secretly I think its a fun quilt) Gotta say thanks to the gal who sent me these string blocks along with a pile of pink ones, they were a good distraction from the pink. Also gotta thank my FCE club (Extension Club) we made tote bags a few years back and the fabric was leftovers. I love projects that use up leftovers and it was fun to use this up and make it cute.

Strippy baby quilt

This baby quilt has been waiting to be quilted for two years now, Luanne and Grandma Allen both gave me fabric for charity quilts and I kitted up a bunch of baby quilts. I was shocked to realize it had been two years since I did it and it makes me feel guilty to know I'm that behind on my projects! This little quilt is at mom's to have the binding put on then it will find a new home.


Sara is so happy with her new rabbits. A gal from Norfolk had an add on Freecycle for rabbits so when I called her she had 4 left. We now have 2 black and one albino boys and their mom Uno who is expecting again sometime soon. As you can tell the cat was really interested in Uno. This afternoon I will go get more pens for our new pets.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quiting Cat

I had help quilting this baby quilt the other night, my cat is not afraid of the quilting machine! I don't really have a purpose for this quilt so I am thinking about donating it somewhere, if I get it done before tomorrow night I will donate it to the Auction at the Norfolk Guild. (more than likely I won't get it done so it will go to Bright Horizons at a later date)

Pink and Brown Heart Wallhang

This little quilt is a UFO from the quilt shop. I ordered 1890's reproductions in pink/brown and blue/brown and brown/gold colorways, mom made me a sample in the pink/brown of a block she saw on a t.v. quilting show. When I closed the shop I bagged up a lot of unfinished tops with backing and binding before selling the last of the fabric. Well I need something for the Norfolk Guild's auction tomorrow night so I quilted it and mom finished the binding last night. Nothing like being ready for the auction a whole 48 hours! I hope it sells for a lot of $$$! I am seeing more of the pink/brown this year so I think it will go well at auction.


These are the hot pads I made for Tiny Traders Yahoo group. The theme was spring and I think they turned out cute! I used sample fabric for the prints so I didn't have enough to do them all alike. I also had mom put a copy of the pattern to make them in with the hot pads. I used to sell kits to make these when I had the quilt shop and they seem to still be popular. One year for Christmas mom helped me make over 20 sets for gifts. I have also sold them at craft shows. I have done so many of these I think I could do them in my sleep! The sad part is I could only find a Christmas print one in my drawer, all those hot pads and I only had one! (now I have 2 because I made a spring one for myself!)

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have 7 of these boxes on my table tonight. 25 thousand to a box is what Kevin tells! Needless to say I'm sleeping with my bedroom door shut! They really are well behaved bee's though, there are a few loose but they stay on the outside of the box and don't fly much. The bee's on the inside feed the outside one's so they stay close to their friends. Tomorrow Kevin is setting up 8 new hive's in the backyard.(he forgot one box at his friends so he has to go pick it up in the morning, guess he couldn't count to 8) I am looking forward to the fresh honey at the end of summer and having extra to sell this year.

pink and black row robin

This quilt is called Angels over Africa, the first row has angel fabric in it and the gal wanted an African theme. My row is the tigers on the bottom. I had a hard time giving up my tiger fabric but I am happy with the results of the row I added. I finished both of these rows and gave them to mom so she can add her rows and pop them in the mail next week. I have one more round to do and that will be mom's row, it is Aunt Gracie fabrics.
The bottom row is my addition. I belong to Stashbuilders Group on Yahoo and we are doing a row robin. I had a hard time finding enough pinks to do this row, I used so many making pink heartstring blocks that my stash is zilch! I am really happy with the way I used dark black to make the top row stand out, mom is next in line and she is gonna use the grey/black for background in her blocks. I hope the owner of the quilt likes it when it reaches home.

Fan Quilt

My mom made this quilt for a sample of a class she was teaching a few years ago, it uses pillow panels and machine applique for the fan blades. I was looking thru my pic's tonight and this caught my eye. I wonder where this quilt is now??? Sure would be pretty in Sara's new Mom if you read this and you know where the missing quilt is let me know, I'm sure Sara would love it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prom 2008

Brandi and Kristin have been best buds since kindergarten when Kristin found out Brandi lived across the street from the Quilt Shop and they could play together after school. I hope they have a wonderful evening on this special night!

Sara's room

Sara is in the middle of remodeling her room, out goes her sister's lavender walls and carpet. I took this before picture so she can show off her remodeling skills when it is finished. She picked out a light wood floor and pink paint with a purple and pink border print wallpaper. She is my little HDTV watcher. She also helped me match the bathroom accessories up in Wal-Mart the other day. Talked me into frogs.....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Luanne's quicky baby quilts

Luanne makes the cutest quick baby quilts. These are the last two I quilted for her. I love the size 40x40 is perfect for a baby quilt and the colors are fun. I think I have her talked into writing up the directions and sharing them with quilt group so we can make quick quilts too! She left for Texas to visit her son so i will have to wait for her to get back from having fun for patterns for these quilts.


I love having a carpenter brother and his buddy come to visit! Kelsey and Adam are working hard on my new bathroom floor, I love it! It took them about 20 minutes to paint it and an hour to lay the floor once I got everything they needed from the hardware store. We also took off the shower doors off and Kevin is scrapping the caulking off the tub surround. I told them it had to be usable by six so I could take a shower and go to work.

Maxine's scrap quilt

About 5 years ago Maxine was my quilt buddy at the Norfolk guild. I made her these butterfly blocks, one a month for a year. We went on shop hop and picked out and bought the same fabric that spring before so I knew she would love it. Well I got to quilt it last month and I think it turned out so sweet!! (someday I will finish the quilt she gave me blocks for, if I can find them again!)
This is Maxine's quilt. Her sister sent her the blocks already cut and in sets to sew together. I love scrap quilts, and Maxine sews everything together so nice, I love to quilt her quilts!

Brian's Christmas present

This is my brother in laws Christmas present, I finished quilting it when he was here last month. I made this when the Heartstring yahoo group was doing Chinese coin strips last summer. I made a bunch and sent to one of the ladies and they were so much fun that I made enough for this queen plus quilt. I did it in these soft colors to match Brian's other quilts he has so he could retire the lone star quilt his mother made him about 10 years ago. I also made pillow cases to match.

Anna's crosstitch

My friend Anna has been working on this crosstitch off and on for a year. She finished it for her old boss, I am just amazed at the detail on the work. I would of kept it after that much work but she brought it to her last time she visited. I think her boss was happy with the finished piece.(someday I am going to have to learn how to turn my pictures, but for now you will just have to turn your head)

Easter Kids

OH MY WAS IT COLD!!!! Every year I take their picture, some years its warm and sunny, some years it's cold as ____! I know I took better pic's of them but this was the one on my camera. I used Kristin's camera and of course I don't get to see the pic's cause she loads them on her computer and they are gone from me forever.......I love being the mom and making them wear matching clothes!!!

Baby present

I made this quilt for my boss at the gas station, she is expecting her first baby at the end of the month. Jess's favorite colors are red and black and her husband is a volunteer fireman. I think the fire dogs are cute and I think she was pleased with the gift. I wish I would of put black in the cornerstones now that it's done but to late to change cause I quilted it and gave it away before I thought about changing it.

Monday, April 7, 2008


yes that's what I am doing today, hauling sh#%^*&*!!! I guess I got a new job for awhile at the neighbor's feed yard. I drive a tractor and spread manure on the field about a mile down the road. It's not a hard job but 8 hours in a tractor and your body starts to feel a little beat up. So I'm off to a nice hot bath and bed. There is a chance of rain/snow (snain as the kids call it) tonight and tomorrow so we'll see what the rest of the week holds weather wise. I have lots of pic's in the camera but the batteries are dead so they will have to wait another day to be shown.