Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Red, Black and White

 Who doesn't love red, black and white together? We got a new collection in at work and I had to play with it. Very easy block made with 2.5 inch strips, got the pattern for the block out of Julie's Block a Day calender. I grabbed my box of black and white from home to finish this quilt up with more block fabric and borders. It's a large throw size, I'm sure if I ever get it quilted it will be snugly because I plan to put fleece on the back.
 So while I had my box of black and whites out I thought I would use up more of it and make a tote bag. The bottom of the bag is scraps from the quilt, the body of the bag and the lining I didn't like for the quilt but I love together. The handles are also scrap from the bag.
 Finished project.
 Can't have a bag without a pocket, oh and fancy stitching (hard to see in pic's)
And this is how it fits the body when carried, or if you carry by the handles it won't hit the floor.

Christmas Cat Quilt

 I collect Christmas Cat fabric, once in awhile I get a quilt done. Well I get a top done anyway. I found this fabric at Cosmic Cow in Lincoln last year while on a day trip with Kev. (he goes to meetings, I shop) I brought it home and matched a bunch of fabrics to it from work. I know there was bunches of pre-coordinated stuff but I like to match my own most of the time. Thrill of the hunt I guess. I am really drawn to pink and red together lately, throw in an aqua and lime.........just yummy! Oh and I made a matching pillowcase shown at the top of the pic. I had a few scraps to use up and I love to use it all when I can.
 I started this quilt a year ago about this time, had it all kitted up and waiting it's turn in the UFO pile. Good thing I judged right on fabrics, all the prints used in the border are now sold out at work.
I helped a bit with this quilt the other day, it's a project of the St. Mary's 5th grade class for an auction. Their mascot is the cardinal. They spent an afternoon pinning and tying, Julie made the quilt and I helped by binding. I love helping with community projects.


 Winter finally showed up in February...............
 One thing about snow, it makes even abandon farm houses look cool.
 Never ending supply of wind in Nebraska, even the weeds lean from the drifting snow.
Well a little snow doesn't stop our Amish neighbors.........

Monday, February 6, 2012

Evening read

 Snowball helped me with my evening read, she held the pages down while I read the articles about jewelry making.
It's been a busy week since we got home from vacation. I'm trying to wind down now from work and the Super Bowl(liked the half time show). I sliced my index finger on a broken glass so that is throbbing just a bit...........I've spent three out of four nights at the bar so it's been late nights around here for me.
 I will be at the quilt shop alot, there is medical issues and vacations for the next two weeks. I also have two nights at the bar this week to look forward too. I love both my jobs but when it rains it pours! My mom broke her leg just above her ankle while I was in Florida so I have spent more time with her this last week too. She is doing well considering the injury and she has started some sewing to keep herself busy. She is also making hats on the round looms, hers are much prettier than mine, she likes sparkly yarn. I take her to the doctor Tuesday for x-rays, we'll see how things are then.