Monday, February 6, 2012

Evening read

 Snowball helped me with my evening read, she held the pages down while I read the articles about jewelry making.
It's been a busy week since we got home from vacation. I'm trying to wind down now from work and the Super Bowl(liked the half time show). I sliced my index finger on a broken glass so that is throbbing just a bit...........I've spent three out of four nights at the bar so it's been late nights around here for me.
 I will be at the quilt shop alot, there is medical issues and vacations for the next two weeks. I also have two nights at the bar this week to look forward too. I love both my jobs but when it rains it pours! My mom broke her leg just above her ankle while I was in Florida so I have spent more time with her this last week too. She is doing well considering the injury and she has started some sewing to keep herself busy. She is also making hats on the round looms, hers are much prettier than mine, she likes sparkly yarn. I take her to the doctor Tuesday for x-rays, we'll see how things are then.

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