Sunday, June 28, 2015


 My Mother in law has the nicest cherry tree in her back yard. I've been watching it for weeks. I really wanted to pick them a week ago, but they weren't ready when I was. This morning while picking up grass clippings I knew it was cherry picking time. I told my sister in law it was today or loose them, she said she'd pick them in the afternoon. Well after all my gardening and such I decided to head up to the house and see what they had left. LOL they hadn't even started! Lucky me I got an icecream bucket full before anyone came out of the house! Kevin came up with the tractor and we picked the top of the tree from the loader bucket. My sister in law and two nieces picked the bottom branches and what they could get from the ladder and climbing the tree.
 My Mother in law even called some friends from church and they picked after we were full!
 Three icecream buckets, two pots and a box and plastic 32 oz. glass is what I ended up with.
 I started washing, Brad ran the cherry pitter and Kev ate dinner.  I now have 3 gallons of cleaned cherries to put up tomorrow night. I decided to wait to finish because I got a call from work about filling in tomorrow. (oh and I need sugar and Amaretto) I also saved the pits and I have them in the dehydrator on low so they are usable for Hot/Cold Bags that I make. All the stupid bags I've made and I don't even have one in my freezer! Oh well now I can make a cute one for my headaches, boo-boo's and heat spells. Cherry pits hold the cold really well, in fact the most expensive Hot/Cold pack at the chiropractor has cherry pits in it.
Oh I love Summer harvest time!


 My very first pickings from the garden this year! I have already made creamy cucumbers with chives and dill, it's cooling in the fridge for supper. I sliced up the peppers and covered with salt and vinegar and put in a jar for the guys to eat whenever. Kev is doing a lot of the garden work this year, I'm just an occasional weeder, or grass clippings gatherer. He has an irrigation system set up and it works really well until he pumps to much fertilizer thru and burns the plants. Yup....well they are coming out of it but I thought it was best to pick off the peppers to give the plants a chance to perk up.
 I love daylilies, I think I have 4 different varieties now, not sure but I like them all.

 Can you see that zucchini hiding? The plant is not very big yet but it's blooming and producing.
Oh and my helper Sammie was out today too, he walks thru the garden and steps on the plants for me....

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pencil bags

My Mom is always up for a special project when I suggest it. I saw on Sew for Kids that the June project suggestion was pencil bags for the kids on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Mom did all the embroidery while I did zippers and sewed up sides. She worked a lot faster than me so in the end she sewed up sides to help finish them up. I follow a blog out of California, North Hills Quilter, she is a prolific charity quilter and she decided to make skirts for Sew for Kids while her embroidery machine and quilting machine are both broke. She shared a link to the Sew for Kids blog and while reading it I decided I could do pencil bags fairly quickly and they were small enough to pay postage on to send.
  The denim is a pair of old jeans I didn't like the way they fit, note to self......don't use stretch denim again! My first bag is a bit wonky(yellow bottom right corner). Some of the bags have the word Pencil on the back, some on the front, just depended on where they got set on the sticky stuff on the hoop. We had a lot of fun matching thread to zippers and then finding ribbon to make tabs for the sides. Mom thought they needed something on the zippers for pulls so she took hair elastic bands and strung them thru the holes and tied knots so they would be easy for little fingers to unzip. 
  I really enjoyed our little project and I know Mom did too, it's fun having a sewing partner!  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

3 yard quilt

 I bought this fabric in Texas a few years ago at a quilt show in Fort Worth. I took the time to visit the show while my friend Anna was doing horse things at the Will Rogers Arena. Oh my those ladies are amazing quilters in Texas! Well anyway this fabric has been aging in my stash at least two years so the other day while at my Mom's I pulled it out and cut it up. No I did not have a plan, no it was not a good day to pull measurements out of my head, oh and it really was not a good day to "just start sewing". I had a yard of each, so I thought I could cut strips and blocks out of it all.....ended up with enough to add borders after I sewed it all up. Who knew one plus one = two..............I thought one plus one plus one=two......nooooooooooo that's three. So this is a three yard quilt with just enough dark green to make an inside border and binding, wait.....that makes it a three and a half yard quilt.........
I was so proud of myself to actually get it on the quilt frame, until I finished and took it off, then I saw this. The thread jumped the bobbin and made quite a mess on the back. Well it looks like I'm keeping this one, but that's alright, I really like the fabric and it was interesting to make so now that it has a story it can live at my house. Nothing perfect lives at my house anyway.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sewing afternoons

 I have been enjoying my time off by sewing in the afternoons with my Mom. I took a few UFO's, some scraps, and some batting along for some marathon sewing time. Stupid me whips out a project and stuffs it in a baggie all ready to take home and quilt so there really is not a lot of pic's to show off all my work from the week. I did manage to snap this pic of my new set of kitchen hanging towels. Don't look to close at my sewing, it's been awhile since I made these and I was out of practice! I need new towels in my kitchen, I have been using the ones left from my Aunt and Great grandma, they are in sad, sad, shape I must admit. ( I have to tie some of them to the handle because the buttons are missing.......or it's a mystery design on the front from so much use making it unrecognizable.)
 I have been sewing and sorting scraps the last two days. It started with a few pieces of leftover baby quilt and my how it's grown! If it was red, blue, white or yellow I threw it in. Mom suggested a large star so that's what I went with. It's 70x70 with borders. I made a blue back and it will get red binding of some kind, maybe scrappy, not sure yet.
I have blocks started for a second quilt with the same scraps. It will be a child size quilt I'm sure because I'm getting tired of these scraps and it's time to move on.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

new bags

 I whipped up this little tote tonight at my Mom's. She gave me a charm pack awhile back and this is part of it, the brown stripe is gathered a bit for texture and I added a button closer at the top. The other side is different prints in the same colors.
Mom and I made a bunch of snap bags and the top one is mine, I love the coral/ peach fabric with the soft grey and cream print.  Mom also made a bunch of these book holder bags and she gave me one too. The romantic print is perfect for the summer season of reading. 

A few new things

 Here's proof that teenagers sew! Sara got the instructions on how to make knit headbands off the internet. She found a couple shirts in the goodwill bag and recycled them into headbands for myself.

 I finally finished this quilt top last month, only took a year of messing around..........not quilted yet.
 Oh and another top....not quilted yet.  This is Laurel Burch fabric, Christmas cats and such. It was cut with the 7 inch tumbler die. I love random scrappy tumbler quilts.
 This is Moda fabric, don't remember the name of the line but I bought a charm pack and 3 coordinating prints for borders and binding. Oh and the mint fabric for the background too. One of the few lines that I liked so much I actually bought it all from the line and didn't mix some random fabrics in. This is a $60.00 quilt top just in fabrics, that's a lot for me. I'm cheap!
This little panel is just one of the many I have ready to quilt. My Mom supplied the border fabric as the batik was perfect with the watercolor painted effect in the panel.  

  I am sewing more this month due to a flexible schedule at work and it's been fun to hang out with my Mom and just sew random fact I've sewn so many random things I really must buckle down and quilt a few of them, they are starting to pile up!