Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pencil bags

My Mom is always up for a special project when I suggest it. I saw on Sew for Kids that the June project suggestion was pencil bags for the kids on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Mom did all the embroidery while I did zippers and sewed up sides. She worked a lot faster than me so in the end she sewed up sides to help finish them up. I follow a blog out of California, North Hills Quilter, she is a prolific charity quilter and she decided to make skirts for Sew for Kids while her embroidery machine and quilting machine are both broke. She shared a link to the Sew for Kids blog and while reading it I decided I could do pencil bags fairly quickly and they were small enough to pay postage on to send.
  The denim is a pair of old jeans I didn't like the way they fit, note to self......don't use stretch denim again! My first bag is a bit wonky(yellow bottom right corner). Some of the bags have the word Pencil on the back, some on the front, just depended on where they got set on the sticky stuff on the hoop. We had a lot of fun matching thread to zippers and then finding ribbon to make tabs for the sides. Mom thought they needed something on the zippers for pulls so she took hair elastic bands and strung them thru the holes and tied knots so they would be easy for little fingers to unzip. 
  I really enjoyed our little project and I know Mom did too, it's fun having a sewing partner!  

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Flicsha said...

Yes it id fun to have you as a sewing partner! Mom