Sunday, June 28, 2015


 My Mother in law has the nicest cherry tree in her back yard. I've been watching it for weeks. I really wanted to pick them a week ago, but they weren't ready when I was. This morning while picking up grass clippings I knew it was cherry picking time. I told my sister in law it was today or loose them, she said she'd pick them in the afternoon. Well after all my gardening and such I decided to head up to the house and see what they had left. LOL they hadn't even started! Lucky me I got an icecream bucket full before anyone came out of the house! Kevin came up with the tractor and we picked the top of the tree from the loader bucket. My sister in law and two nieces picked the bottom branches and what they could get from the ladder and climbing the tree.
 My Mother in law even called some friends from church and they picked after we were full!
 Three icecream buckets, two pots and a box and plastic 32 oz. glass is what I ended up with.
 I started washing, Brad ran the cherry pitter and Kev ate dinner.  I now have 3 gallons of cleaned cherries to put up tomorrow night. I decided to wait to finish because I got a call from work about filling in tomorrow. (oh and I need sugar and Amaretto) I also saved the pits and I have them in the dehydrator on low so they are usable for Hot/Cold Bags that I make. All the stupid bags I've made and I don't even have one in my freezer! Oh well now I can make a cute one for my headaches, boo-boo's and heat spells. Cherry pits hold the cold really well, in fact the most expensive Hot/Cold pack at the chiropractor has cherry pits in it.
Oh I love Summer harvest time!

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