Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Little girl dresses

 This afternoon I took my serger and a basket full of unfinished dresses to my Moms. This is what we got finished.
 Sara and I started these at least 7 years ago, she helped me cut, and pick out trim while at work one day at the quilt shoppe. I know we got the fabric from a garage sale and probably the bias tape and lace too. We finished 2 of the dresses that day so long ago. We made a lot of size 12 dresses, I'm guessing that was the size she was at the time we made these.
 I finished 6 of them today. They look more like nightgowns to me than dresses.
 The blue one I finished special for my niece Rylee, it got a thumbs up!
 And now shes ready for the 4th of July in her blue dress with red trim.
The rest of the dresses will get sent to Pine Ridge Reservation along with some hair bands and a couple more pencil bags. I have stuff ready for 6 more dresses I I was feeling optimistic about my sewing skills when I assembled those kits!
  I learned today how to apply bias tape (finally got it right on the last dress) and that I dislike threading my serger. I must of been more patient 25 years ago when I bought it. Oh well, maybe the next one will be an easy thread model.

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You got a lot accomplished today...way to go!!