Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy 4th

 My Mom gave me her tablerunner she made for an online contest. She got 2nd place! It now lives on my kitchen table with some red candles as a centerpiece.
  I had a housefull on the 4th, mostly family. Everyone was well behaved and we had a good time.
My little flag was also made by my Mom. This is the second flag she made for a different online contest. I hung it on the side of my refrigerator. I like a touch of RWB in the summertime, I usually start with Memorial Day Weekend, include Flag Day, ramp up with the 4th and coast thru July and August with the theme and finish with Labor Day Weekend. I think RWB is more of a season than a singular holiday.

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Lucius Cambell said...

What a neat way to design the quilts. I really love the American flag from an online contest. It is very patriotic and shows great creativity. How long have you been designing and making the quilts for? It must have taken forever to get as good as you are. Hope to see more in the future.