Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cherries are done!

 Sara and I spent the afternoon doing cherries. The jars in the front are cherry sauce. Or icecream topping is what we use it for. The jars in the back are cherry jam. First time for making cherry jam around here, it turned out yummy! The large gallon jar in the back of the pic is Amaretto Cherry Liquor. I love it mixed with coke! I also made 2 quarts of cherry juice, sweetened to make Cherry Coke's.
 Sara also made her first homemade pie today, sorry no pic's, we taste tested it tonight and it was fantastic. I've never made cherry pie so I told her to look in the cookbook, well after searching 3 different books she googled it. I thought for sure the church cookbook would have it, or the 4-H book, or the state fair winners cookbook............hmmmmm they must of thought cherry pie was to basic to include in their books.
Here's the pits I'm planning to put in my Hot/cold bags, all dried out and ready to be sewn into bags. Sara has been playing with them to get all the cherry bits off the pits. Would be easier to just grab a bag of rice or beans off the shelf but not near as much fun as using every bit of those wonderful cherries.

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Looks wonderful!! I'm hoping the two cherry trees the hubby planted actually have cherries on sometime during my lifetime. We had one before but it never did have more than 3 or 4 cherries on it and the birds always got them. Congrats, Sara, on your first cherry pie!