Sunday, July 19, 2015


 I found a really easy basic childs hat pattern a couple weeks ago. Give me an hour in front of the TV and I give back a hat. I am using up random bits of yarn with a few new one's thrown in for variety. (couldn't resist the blue variegated from Hobby Lobby)

 I use two strands held together for most of these so sport or baby yarn is great, if I use regular yarn I always pair it up with a lighter yarn. I found two strands of regular yarn makes a stiff hat and way to heavy for a young child. This pile of hats will be donated. More than likely to Pine Ridge Reservation.
 Sometimes I do make something for myself, this is an infinity scarf. I will make a brown headband out of fleece to wear with it. I really like brown with pink and it will look good with my brown coat.  This is just a double crochet joined at the ends with a twist in the loop to make it hang nice without fussing while putting it on. Two balls of yarn and an evenings worth of work.
I finished a few "travel" projects also. Two round washcloths and a hotpad. I used up bits of yarn in the washcloths but my dishes won't mind the funky design.

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