Thursday, March 26, 2009

1st day of spring

This is what I saw out my door the first day of spring. The goats around here have been quite entertaining lately. Supposedly they live in the fence behind the tractor but somehow 4 little goats have found their way out daily and its always interesting to see where they end up. I think I'm really going to enjoy spring this year.

Making cheese

Helena and Kelsey are making cheese, farmer cheese. I've never tried it but it looks simple enough, sour some milk and cook it, strain and ? Heck I don't know.....they aren't done yet. I also have wax melting on the other side of the stove, speaking of poor overused stove is in need of a serious cleaning!!!!! I figured I would scrub the tar off of it after the wax experiment is done.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brad's B-day

Brad got brownie with blue marshmallow cream drizzled with chocolate and blue candles for his birthday cake this year. I had it waiting for him after school and they had a great time lighting candles and then licking the goo off the end of the candles after blowing them out. I actually remembered to get out the wallhanging and table runner mom made for B-days at our house. (the brownie was still warm when I set the candles in, so as I pulled it from the fridge just as the kids were getting off the bus I had to straighten the candles........)

Rachel's B-day Party

Rachel turned 16 last week, she loved her present (not a great pic) and the cake Dawn made turned out soooooooo cute! AND I got to hug on Creo the puppy formerly known as Ace.


The boys have been busy this week in honey production! Kelsey is feeling some better after his no food diet this week so he has been helping Kev with the bee's. They have bottled 120 angel's plus a couple gallons that will go in regular jars. I am impressed with the amount of honey this year, it should of been done last fall but due to the acquisition of 5 new hives we waited to harvest the honey so it wouldn't disturb the bee's after the move. I guess we're in the honey selling business again!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're all sick....

Life around here sucks right now, we're all sick in one way or another. Kev is finally getting over his cold/? and his sore hip. He hobbled around for a week before it started feeling better. Brad is healing from his toenail thing, Kristin is over her cold/? with the help of meds. Josh has an ear infection, sinus and sore throat thing that he saw the doctor for today. I'm layed up with a sore foot, I ran a stick thru the bottom of my foot Sunday night and I can't walk on it at all, they put me on antibiotics today for it just in case of infection. AND Kelsey is here sick too, he has gut infection and is on a clear liquid diet for the week. Sara is healthy though...........whooooohoooooo!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not much new....

Not much new around here right now, Kristin is home for spring break. We did spend the afternoon sewing, she made two baby quilts and I quilted two quilts. A friend of hers is having a baby in a month and I thought it would be nice if she made the quilt instead of me so I cut up a flannel raggy quilt and she put it together, even did the second one too! I am glad she has taken an interest in sewing, it helped at college too when she was in the costume dept. last fall. Brad is going to have his toenails cut out on Thursday so he's going to be laid up for a few days. Josh has district speech tomorrow and I'm going down to watch with Kristin. I also was offered Tuesday/Thursday nights at the bar so I will be working more for awhile. I am finally getting over my cold, all thats left is the cough.........

Monday, March 2, 2009


These two sweet adorable puppies are looking for new homes...anyone interested?


I made 12 Quilt as you Go blocks for Australia fire victims, well Sara and I made them. She kind of took over the project as you can tell from the pic. I also made 9 Happy Blocks to send off to Heartstrings project. I have a feeling Sara is my new sewing buddy.........oh and look at the snow we were getting last friday, thats the starter to all the problems hitting the east coast right now, ugh winter!!!!

Sara's quilt

Sara and I worked on this little quilt Friday before leaving for the funeral. I found the blocks in my grandma's drawer while looking for something else and mom said she gave them to grandma in the 80's to embroider. There were 4 of them done so I took them home and found rose fabric in mom's stash to set them with. Sara came home from school and designed borders and sewed them on. I quilted it Friday night and mom finished the binding and label in the car Saturday. Sara decided it was her quilt and she carried it in, helped put it over the end of the casket and carried it out and to the graveside service. She also held it all the way home on her lap. Sara liked my grandma, grandma didn't scare her like she did the rest of the kids and for that I'm truly amazed and thankful for such a sweet child.
The flowers were really pretty, mom's friend Deb did them and they looked great, Sara brought home the pink and white arrangements.