Monday, March 2, 2009

Sara's quilt

Sara and I worked on this little quilt Friday before leaving for the funeral. I found the blocks in my grandma's drawer while looking for something else and mom said she gave them to grandma in the 80's to embroider. There were 4 of them done so I took them home and found rose fabric in mom's stash to set them with. Sara came home from school and designed borders and sewed them on. I quilted it Friday night and mom finished the binding and label in the car Saturday. Sara decided it was her quilt and she carried it in, helped put it over the end of the casket and carried it out and to the graveside service. She also held it all the way home on her lap. Sara liked my grandma, grandma didn't scare her like she did the rest of the kids and for that I'm truly amazed and thankful for such a sweet child.
The flowers were really pretty, mom's friend Deb did them and they looked great, Sara brought home the pink and white arrangements.

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