Sunday, October 12, 2014


 I still work on my jewelry in my spare time. (usually sunday afternoon) I am still working on beads I bought last fall in Texas. This strand is for me, I like random stones in semi random order and love liquid silver beads. I am hoping to wear this set with a soft comfy sweater and my boots.
 I am also making a few things for a small consignment shop in Atkinson called Possibilities, home of Alabaster Box Soap.
These bracelets are just a few of the things I have taken there in the last few months. Jewelry, quilts, dishtowels, table runners, hotpads, scrubbies, baby things, hats, scarves...........etc....etc....etc.....
I am really having fun building jewelry but I can't wear it all so if I can sell a few things all the better.

Halloween table runner

I love Halloween! I like the colors, weather and spooky days this time of year. I like decorating for Halloween too so this little table runner fits in perfectly at my house. I did make a pattern and kits for the Shoppe so I don't know if I will bring it home in time for the 31st or not, depends on how fast the kits sell. The ghost shapes are cut with the Sizzix, I love that machine! I should use it more!!!
  Today is going to be a sewing day if I ever get out of the house. Sometimes its just so hard to put on clothes and walk 200 feet to my studio.........I like my jammies on sundays! 

just a few......

 Just a few things I made for the Shoppe for samples. I saw a table runner similar to this and loved it so I made my own version. I made this one extra long for big tables. That's a 6 foot table it's shown on.
This little raggy quilt I cut with my 5 inch raggy die by Sizzix. Oh my do these raggy's take a lot of fabric! This baby blankie is 30 x30 but I could add a row or two with the left overs if I wanted to take the time. I just did patterns, no kits for the Shoppe.
  I might have already blogged about these, I don't remember so if I did please forgive me. I am still playing catch up with my pic's. I have some on my phone(don't know how to download them yet) some on the camera at the Shoppe and some on Mom's camera. Oh and my camera with dead batteries.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wow...can't believe it's been since last winter that I've posted anything on my blog! Lets just say two jobs got in the way of a lot of things. So I will try to do a little catch up and probably skip a whole bunch in my writings.
   Last springs Shop Hop was a great success at Quilters Candy Shoppe. Mom helped me whip up this quilt using Nebraska Fabric. We sold kits and patterns.  I took the quilt home shortly after shop hop because it was a sell out. I am going to donate it to the kids to raffle off for their high school trip to Washington DC next spring. So if you are in the Clearwater/Orchard  Nebraska area find a kid and get a ticket.
  I didn't do very well of taking pic's of my projects the last year or so but my new plan is to carry my camera more and document my true love of creating. I am down to one job (Fed Ex) so maybe life will slow down and I can share it on my blog more.