Sunday, October 12, 2014


 I still work on my jewelry in my spare time. (usually sunday afternoon) I am still working on beads I bought last fall in Texas. This strand is for me, I like random stones in semi random order and love liquid silver beads. I am hoping to wear this set with a soft comfy sweater and my boots.
 I am also making a few things for a small consignment shop in Atkinson called Possibilities, home of Alabaster Box Soap.
These bracelets are just a few of the things I have taken there in the last few months. Jewelry, quilts, dishtowels, table runners, hotpads, scrubbies, baby things, hats, scarves...........etc....etc....etc.....
I am really having fun building jewelry but I can't wear it all so if I can sell a few things all the better.

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