Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wow...can't believe it's been since last winter that I've posted anything on my blog! Lets just say two jobs got in the way of a lot of things. So I will try to do a little catch up and probably skip a whole bunch in my writings.
   Last springs Shop Hop was a great success at Quilters Candy Shoppe. Mom helped me whip up this quilt using Nebraska Fabric. We sold kits and patterns.  I took the quilt home shortly after shop hop because it was a sell out. I am going to donate it to the kids to raffle off for their high school trip to Washington DC next spring. So if you are in the Clearwater/Orchard  Nebraska area find a kid and get a ticket.
  I didn't do very well of taking pic's of my projects the last year or so but my new plan is to carry my camera more and document my true love of creating. I am down to one job (Fed Ex) so maybe life will slow down and I can share it on my blog more.