Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pool side

I love the pool at the resort, it's as warm as a bathtub and usually not to crowded. I took pic's from both views, one from our room 9 stories up and the top pic is the view I get when I'm floating in the pool.


 A nice relaxing week at the beach and pool in Florida............
 Sunday morning it was back to work around the farm........
A load of fire wood in the basement and a pile of brush cleared from my driveway.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

before vacation

 I finished this quilt before vacation but didn't have time to download the pic's. My friend Diane made this using pillowcases her MIL made. They found the stash while cleaning out the house after her passing. The work is wonderful but the pic isn't. I forgot to take a pic until delivering it to the bar so I tossed it over the pool table.........she bordered it with dark blue and it's king sized. She is giving it to her husband Alan.
 This is my favorite piece in the quilt. I love working on memory quilts or sentimental quilts!
 This is the quilt I will be giving my friend, I was quilting it when I heard of her mother's passing, now to get the binding on.............
And last but not least is Jim's quilt, Roseanne made it for her husband with a bandanna as the starting block, the brown one in the top middle row. They went to the Cattleman's Ball last year and this is the souvenir from the Ball. This quilt spent Christmas on my quilt frame...........ugh! I still have it too because I didn't finish it before Roseanne had knee replacement surgery last week. I think I will work on another one or two of hers soon and deliver after work in O'Neill sometime. (she lives in Atkinson)

Friday, January 20, 2012


Oh I am not used to this cold...........I can't wait to be sitting by the pool in Florida in a few days! Our sort of annual vacation starts Sunday and I'm so excited! I don't have any plans while there besides swim in the ocean.
  Soooooooooo I got a few things done this week,
  • Roseann's quilt that has been on the frame for a month is off and ready to go.
  • A quilt for a friend is quilted who lost her mother this week.
  • My friend Diane's quilt is done too, she made it for her husband, more on these when I show them off with pic's on here.
  • Sorted more in my studio, books, fabric into charity baskets and even stuff for fire starter
  • Magazines go to quilt group next, I'm sure someone will want to have some evening reading.
  • I also got my machine on the desk.
Today was bar day, spent 3 hours this afternoon then went back after an hour and a half of laundry duty at home and put in another 7 hours, ok it's off to bed.........tomorrow is quilt shop day.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another day

It's another day of cleaning and sorting around here. Just returned from town, had to take Kev in to get his tractor, and I got a big ol' Mt. Dew to help me thru the afternoon. Sara told me yesterday while helping me that the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. (gotta love 14 yr. old) Well I have a huge problem with hoarding and my plan is to tackle it in small bits.
  • 20 or so patterns are out the door, gave them away at quilt group last night
  • empty boxes are out of my studio
  • sorted trims and such-they have a home in a three drawer cart
  • sorting kits into baskets
  • empty jars are in the house ready to go to the basement
  • a basket of clothes came into the house to be sorted and washed
  • books and patterns are slowly finding their shelf
I hope if I work everyday it starts to make a difference around here..................oh and to get my sewing machine a happy home on my sewing desk! (with lots of room around it, not piles of stuff waiting to tip over on me)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Another quilt from the Holt Co. Museum collection. This is a signature quilt . I should of taken notes because I've forgotten the details of the quilt.
  This month is flying by......not sure why but I'm not getting much sewing/crafting done. I am in the process of cleaning my studio. I have to admit I am a hoarder. Oh that's so hard to admit but it's time, and it's time to break the cycle of hoarding.
  • I cleaned my closet and donated a trunk full of clothing to the thrift store in Ewing.
  • I throw away half bottles of lotion if I know they have lost their scent, or I don't like them.
  • Shoes have been sorted.
  • Got rid of a few books.
  • Threw a few towels away.
  • Have a box of Christmas stuff ready to go away.
  • Gave my Mom back her jewelry boxes that were stashed in my closet.
I feel pretty good about getting rid of things, now it's off to my studio to work some more. I am working on a jewelry making station. (kids are home, they need to haul stuff so off I go)